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Michael Tarver Accuses John Cena Of Intentionally Breaking His Arm Last Year

Tyrone Evans (a/k/a Michael Tarver), who was released last month from his contract with WWE following several months of inactivity, posted a bizarre diatribe on his Twitter account today accusing John Cena of feeling threatened by his talent and intentionally fracturing his arm with a chair during a pay-per-view event last year to put him out of commission. The founding Nexus member also alleges that Cena laughed in his face afterwards.

Here is his post in its entirety:

“Family im a baaad man YAHWEH NISSI ,, soooooooo stop me if you heard this one for starters I went from sleeping in a car to being on 2 Wrestlemanias fun fact there soooooo this guy has a dream job but an adv he meets his dream girl assn db on his dream job he was to be away From his kids so he makes it work while spendiing 3 years trying to get his daughter to tampa to live him away from addcict mother

“Now during this dream job he fights trains show crazy potential on the mic regarded as one the best ever in developmental so he moves on ,,,To nxt and raw where he is burried on tv treated like trash back stage to the point where a certain top superstar takes notice of this Guy building steam with his promos back stage and begins to feel threatend so one night on a ppv the champ purposely fractures this Persons arm with a chair and after.the match backstage laughs in his face about it and walks off you know im talking about you just cant see See him anyway he takes out threats to his throne back stage to the point where the even get released from their dream job and ironicaly This guys dream wife leaves him tthreatening to take everything from him a month later on the se day his daughter was to move in with With them now his daughter is hysterical beyond help and has to be sent back home after three years of fighting and one week there

“Hmmmmm makes you wonder is it worth it because in your opinions WHO DO YOU KNOW WHO IS BAD.ENOUGH TO SCARE A BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY So I saw to all things mention ME ,,,,,,,,IM THAT BAD MAN ,,,,,,,,,,,YAHWEH NISSI”

  • Trixie

    I have a migraine now from reading that.

    And seriously, what is this country coming to? Is our education system that poor?

  • shane

    Has he not heard of punctuation?? Wth..

  • venom

    Where all the white women at?

  • JG


  • mark

    this is complete and utter bolux. Cenas not like that !!!

  • Me

    WTF, Whats he smoking!

  • Whocares

    I bet his word processor ran out of squiggly red lines

  • 808notsogreat

    wtf is a YAHWEH NISSI? i think i’ma start saying that at parties

    i thought he was singing Bad Bad Man by John Cena at first.

  • ohdear

    one or two sandwiches short of a picnic I think. Actually it’s more like the basket the blanket and the fucking field. Wasn’t he going into gospel music or something?


    I thought i was the only one who could barely comprehend what he said, but for what i got his story was kinda sad. but what is more sad is the fact that he thought he was so good that cena would actually see him as a threat and take him out. If anything it’ll be the opposite. He thought he was so bad he took him out.

  • Automattic


    I think that sums it up perfectly. I’m stealing that quote, by the way.

    I think we should turn the whole “My Twitter account got hacked” into a drinking game. We’d all get to the point where we post ramble like Tarver, and then it would just snowball. Endless fun!

  • Nate

    Time of the month.

  • Does everything have to be in text speak even when its not
    a text? Speaking this way adheres to the dumbing down of
    America, I have noticed words are still misspelled even
    when its shortened down

    How pathetic is that.

  • venom

    Good thing everybody is ignoring the fake venom posts. I can’t understand what Traver is talking about. I really doubt Cena was worried about losing his job to Traver. Traver was okay at best.

  • Buttercastle

    It’s not his English, it’s when people choose to write in Ebonics so only the person writing it plus a few select other special people can understand. I guess they think it’s “cool” or “hip” or “fresh” or “fly” that everyone else thinks they are a complete joke but as long as they can continue butchering the English language they think they have important things to say.

  • CC

    If he honestly thinks that his promos were good and that he was a good wrestler, then Big Show thinks he is slim & Rey Mysterio thinks he is the tallest man in the company.

  • Mabry

    hahaha, i thougth it was just me that could barely understand this crap, am south american so English is not my lenguage so i really thought i was having problems cause my english sucked….. now i see it is Tervers english that stinks…

  • Andy

    Does he honestly not realize that NO ONE, and I sincerely mean NO ONE, cared about him? I would rather watch Hornswaggle bury Chavo for a year than watch a Michael Tarver match. And I hate Horny.

  • JIR

    Tarver was venting but the dude needs spell check

  • Hunter

    Wonder when he will respond with ”my twitter was hacked”.

  • Maestro

    @ lazlo. It’s a typo. Shut the fuck up.

  • shane

    I got a headache reading this.

  • venom

    Why is this fake venom troll pretending to be me? It’s obvious I would’ve sucked tarvers dick first and get fucked right after taking a shit. It would still be unwhiped and full of dookie.

  • whocares

    Look out for the Michael Tarver, Darren Young, and Skip Sheffield Wrestling Tour! Titled, “I swear we were on Raw a few times!”

  • venom

    I read it and basically Tarvers mad at Cena, but I calmed him down after I let him fuck my big bloated hairy ass last night.

  • Titan

    Ok congratulations!!! Now you can write khali

  • stone cold punk

    Haha this the first time I see everyone agree on something

  • The Stone Cold Truth

    The Ramblings of a Madman

  • RPM

    internet and alcohol should be outlawed

  • lazlo woodbine


    “I got a question”

    Also, there shouldn’t be a comma before the “and”.

    Proof-reading is maybe an idea when posting things like that.

  • Dante

    Good god, I know we have alot of bashing for the way he types, but seriously what the hell! I understand what he is saying, but barely. The fact that he thought he was good to me seems funny. I never saw anything special in him when the whole nexus thing started. The only members of that group that I know would be stars is of course Wade, Justin, and Daniel. Everyone else was lacking. Sure Daniel and Justin may not have much personality yet, but with time hopefully the are given one. They are two talented to not have one in the near future.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Michael who? Oh right he was that guy in… Oh, he was the one who… I got it! He was the… No that isn’t it… I remember now, he was the guy in Nexus nobody cared about.

  • Bobthebuilder

    Holy crap my brain hurts, he should be banned from ever writing again.

  • Jimbo

    “Sorry guys, my Twitter got hacked.”

  • The Killswitch

    I can’t read five seconds worth of his rant of illiteracy without getting a headache. It’s so sad how people manage to communicate like this.

  • Bill

    oh testify! I wuz da best pure athlete in wwe and im the MaaaNNN I went from nxt 2 raw nd showd da world my talent nexus was nt enough 4 mmee but i defined an era but then dis bastard broked my arm nd cost me my career. Da guy’s “Da ChAMP” but he ruined ma career. my wife nd kids left me nd I got cancer cause of dat sob. my life was ruined until I looked 2 da lord nd saw da lite. now ive testified nd and dat bastard cena will go 2 hell. I am michael tarver nd I WILL FIGHT DA MAN!

    Whoops, I guess Michael Tarver just hacked my W-E account…. stupid Tarver… haha.

  • Sandman

    who was that guy? and wtf did he say?

  • Long Rod Von HugenDong

    @Al, I was just about to say the same thing. Tomorrow we will see on Tarver’s twitter the following:

    “To all my loyal fans, I apologize for the comments expressed yesterday, my account was hacked, I am working on that”

  • Maestro

    I got a question, why do we still have English classes in education again? When did it become cool to type and write with incorrect grammar, punctuation errors, and run-on sentences?

  • I made it! he says that He came from sleeping in his car to appear on 2 wrestlemanias, he had a wife and a daughter, his dreamjob was to be on the WWE, but he was buried on TV and being used like trash backstage, then Cena injured his arm by purpose and laughed at his face intentionally, his wife left him and his daughter got hysterical.

    Pretty sad…

  • al

    Tomorrow’s news: someone hacked into tarver’s twitter account!!!

  • paulbstoltz

    yea, lol. You are a bum. pretty sure cena not worried about you.

  • rocky sucks

    you have to read between the lines.

  • Seth

    This is a Warrior level rant.

  • whocares

    Ultimate warrior promos are easier to understand.
    And wasn’t Tarver the first one eliminated from NXT because he has no gimmick? He’s a wrestler who boxes. Duke the dumpster Drose had a better gimmick than that.

  • Jason

    To quote Stone Cold … WHAT ?

  • Starship Pain

    My advice to you my friends: Don’t ever use drugs. If you do, you will write like an idiot. Really.

  • John Cheesa

    That might be the most incoherent thing I’ve ever read. I don’t know if that would even pass a third-grade essay assignment.

  • Evil Doink

    Good Lord! Maybe they released him because he is an idiot! He forgot to mention the part where he dropped out of grade school the day before they taught punctuation…

  • WHAT?


  • Jay

    If ever a time that it is called for….What?

  • Justin

    Even if I knew what this meant, I still wouldn’t know what this meant

  • Whatever

    WTF is this crap, what in the hell is he talking about it

  • Bigksw

    @ SusyRko
    I have no idea

  • SusyRko

    What Did I just read?