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- WWE has pulled the “Undertaker” label off the 2-21-11 video from their website that was posted yesterday.

- As noted before, Michelle McCool was sporting a cast on her right foot at last night’s WWE SmackDown tapings. Word is that McCool has suffered a broken toe.

- Villagevoice.com has reviewed WWE’s The Chaperone with Triple H, which opens on a limited release in theaters this Friday. Here’s what they wrote:

“You get a bargain two high-concepts for the price of one in this amiably lame offering from Stephen Herek, who, once upon a time, cooked up an excellent Adventure for Bill and Ted, then veered off into inspirational goo with Mr. Holland’s Opus. Alas, this family-redemption drama crossed with a runaway-bus teen-action comedy, based on a tepid script by playwright S.J. Roth, makes a beeline for pap and sticks there. Paul “Triple H” Levesque, a muscled slab of meat lightly touched with Schwarzeneggerian charm, plays Ray, an ex-con who emerges from jail fortified with psychobabble and resolved to make amends with the ex-wife (Annabeth Gish) and daughter (Ariel Winter) he abandoned years earlier. Literally dumping the keys to recidivism, Ray hauls his noble intentions and the usual bag full of illicit cash onto the bus carrying his daughter’s class to the New Orleans Museum of Art, with a sorely misused Kevin Corrigan as the hoodlum in hot pursuit. As a caper, The Chaperone grinds its gears horribly right up to the inevitable rescue by geeky kids armed with tech-toys. Father-daughter bonding proceeds on dreary schedule, but it might be worth hanging in there just for the pugnacious brio of Modern Family’s Winter as the angry offspring.”

  • http://www.youtube.com/timeknowsfilms Corey Sim

    What a waste of time this whole 2-21-11 promo was. Why would you make it for the Undertaker? This man comes and goes all the time and each time he returns he’s hyped up. Look he isn’t the man he use to be, he’s getting older and very much injury prone obviously, so why does WWE even invest time in pushing him? I mean they could have 2 matches before he even gets to the ring. That promo should have been cut for a new guy on his way in, my hope was that it was in fact STING, but Sting is to busy off thinking about his pride and not his fans, Sting you have never been on the big stage before and you owe it to your fans and yourself to join the WWE. I mean I enjoy TNA wrestling but lets put it this way, it isn’t a WWE. Sting you need to be at WRESTLEMANIA.

  • Joe Piscapo

    Marty Jannetty = 2.21.11!

  • http://aff Lake

    Your all gonna be dissapointed when it turns out to be Taker, people expecting some twist or surprise, nope, it’s Taker.

    And yes @ Justin, I think I can safely say I won’t be watching that movie… ever.

  • Jaime Arcus


    i do agree with you with the 2 21 11 not looking like taker and it was because the beard was bishy more like and doesnt look like takers and kinda well looked like HHH more but who knows?

  • Joshy 4

    @ Justin….


  • Justin

    Can we all agree that the Chaperone looks like shit?

  • mabry

    just saw the last 2-21-11 video and it dont look lke taker….. seems more like HBK or maybe HHH…. but who knows i just hope its not the Undertaker after all cause it wouldnt be a surprise, i mean, we all expect taker to return a month or so before Wrestle Mania every year, so there would be no surprise….
    Triple H should have been Thor on the Advengers movie, and Conan if it does get filmed after all…. i dont think the Chaperone could be good, WWE movies kinnda suck….

  • Hunter

    2-21-11 is BLATANTLY Kelly Kellys return

  • M

    Everyone saw that latest 2-21-11 video on Raw… IT’S NOT STING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronald

    Would have been a more interesting story had the WWE website labeled them as “Sting”. :-p

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