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Michelle McCool Comments On Departure, Has No Plans On Wrestling Again

Michelle McCool is gone from WWE after losing a Loser Leaves WWE Match to Layla last night at Extreme Rules.

The wrestler formerly known as Awesome Kong made her WWE television debut immediately following McCool’s defeat and laid out the multi-time champion with an Implant Buster.

In an indication as to why she’s leaving WWE, McCool revealed to that she’s endured a slew of injuries the past two months.

“My foot has been injured for two months now, broken toe, torn joint capsules, torn MCL. I took a good beating by Layla and Kharma, too. I know I’ll be feeling it tonight, tomorrow and probably the next day,” McCool said. “But I’ll wear it with pride.”

McCool was introduced to the WWE audience in 2004 as a competitor in the inaugural Diva Search. Although the former school teacher lost the competition, WWE signed her to a contract in November of that year. She had been wrestling ever since.

“I’ve been doing this for six years now. Love me or hate me, I hope the WWE Universe can respect that night in and night out, I’ve given it my all,” McCool tearfully said. “This is definitely emotional, and I’m sure it’ll be like that for awhile.”

While McCool hopes to see her fans again, it won’t be in the ring.

“Thank you for the love and the hate. Thank you for being you and for watching. Hopefully I’ll see you around – not in the ring – but maybe someday.”

She echoed similar comments on Twitter, writing, “Thx for the love guys….I know there will always be rumors, but that was it – real talk! @mslayel ….nothing but luv 4 u! Luv u all…nite!”

  • erik

    come on guys! mccool had no real injuries a hurt foot big deal. hbk shawn micheal had a real broken back. hbk came back from a worse injury than mccool. beth came back from a broken chaw. so others divas and wwe wrestlers had worse injuries than mccool and came back to do better things.

  • All respect to McCool. She gave it her all, but the injuries got to her. Kharma’s comin’ thru now, so everythin’ gonna be iight.


  • bjw1980

    cool was a great dive for a while but like she said injuries kept hert from improving or whatever she was the best they had for a while (not sure how much weight that pulls) but i respect her as a athelete and credit her for helping out aleisha foxx and layla to a certin extent

  • venom

    I thought she had a good few years left, but I guess I was wrong. I thought she was a good diva. I thought Mickie James, McCool, or Melina would pass Trish’s 7 title record. Looks like Trish will remain the best.

  • Me

    Everyone is leaving. Edge,McCool,maybe Punk. Some of the best end up having to call it quits way too young.

  • The Great One

    fuck this bitch, she bullshits us by saying she has done it 6 years and now she has had enough, because of a little foot injury for a few months ? HBK broke his fucking back and came back better than ever, kurt angle, edge, austin broke their necks hell even her owner the undertaker is so beat up but he keeps going , this bitch can fuck off

  • The Anti Cena

    Implant buster hehe gets me every time

  • U ain’t awesome

    @ Bus,

    I agree wit u 100%. She did rely on takers backstage pull, I honestly think they both got rid of mickie james.

  • erik

    mccool deserves no respect at all she was decent at best in ring. she was no lita, mickie james victoria or even trish in ring. great talent mickie james, beth, natyla had to take a back seat to her because of taker working bacstage area.

  • Bus

    I would respect her a lot more if she would have even tried to improve her in-ring skills in the slightest instead of relying on Taker’s backstage pull to keep her in the spotlight.

  • Dave

    Well, if she’s quitting, gotta think Taker will be stepping aside soon too. Probably after Mania.

  • I respect Michelle McCool…rumors or not, if she stays out of action for more than 4 years or so ala Shawn Michaels’ retirement and doesn’t hop back in within a year ala Macho Man…then she deserves respect