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Michelle McCool Leaving WWE, Kharma Debuts Tonight

– Michelle McCool will be taking some time off from WWE after losing her “Loser Leaves WWE” match against Layla at tonight’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

After the match, the former Awesome Kong made her WWE debut as Kharma. Kharma laid out McCool with the Implant Buster before making her exit.

  • pat

    the implant buster wouldnt work on McCool, she’s prolly one of the very few who dont have implants, cuz they are so small LOL

  • Devil_Rising

    I’d be perfectly happy to never see McCool in a WWE ring again.

  • dlb

    implant buster was what it was called in tna when she did it, always got a chuckle out of me. might be wrong but i think its really a face buster. and i would rather see a 200 pound kong destroy the bellas since kong can actually wrestle. maybe gail kim will get another shot at her, those were always good maatches

  • @Vince Russo Says the guy who posts as the worst booker in wrestling history.

  • Vincent

    “- After the match, Layla and McCool start crying. Layla heads up the ramp as McCool just sits in the ring. We come back from replays and McCool is still crying as the fans sing her goodbye. Music hits and a woman starts laughing. The video starts playing and it’s Kharma. The former Awesome Kong comes out to the stage as McCool looks on from the ring. Kharma marches her way to the ring. Kong stares at McCool as she slowly climbs in. McCool tries to run but Kong grabs her. Kong drops McCool with the Implant Buster and laughs like a maniac. Kong goes from laughing to looking serious as her music plays. We see the Divas backstage watching what happened on a TV. Kharma exits the ring and stares at McCool.”

  • Vincent

    Cheers Middleton. I am actually being serious, that was a good and valid report. Keep up the good work. You know, cos I care so much about who is coming an going in the company but I don’t give a damn about what happens in the ppv’s. Unbelievable.

  • keylo

    Why the need for another thread when you posted the same shit in the match report thread ? I see why people slag the poster off now.

  • The Great One

    haha is everyone else missing the joke ? The implan tbustyer ? she smalms them on there fronts so is busting there fake boob impacts haha cant believe wwe is letting these shots at the divas considering thats how they fucking book them, to be these barbie dolls lol

  • sandman

    kharma vs aj lee!!!!

  • Me

    I hope WWE don’t screw this up. They rarely even use other talented divas like Beth,Melina(who’s in the dog house). I know they’ll probably wait a long time for Beth vs Kharma build up if it happens.

  • the great gali

    finally! kharma has arived. better get ready kim, also glamazon. time to pulverize the bellas.

  • dgnr83d

    divas of raw and smackdown beware !!!!

  • Vince Russo

    i dont get it you guys would rather over 200 pound she male then she the hottest twins ever in wwe you lil boys need help

  • Zach D

    Yes Adam that’s exactly what I’ve been saying. Finally someone else knows something

  • JBL

    khama vs gail kim !!!!!!!

  • Chryogenos

    I agree with Adam!!!

  • Hell yeah! I hope Kharma kills the Bellas next. Plenty of talentless bitches to kill in WWE!