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Michelle McCool Recalls Life-threatening Injury She Sustained In WWE

In a MichelleMcCool.Net exclusive, on October 1, 2011 – the first interview since Michelle McCool’s WWE retirement will finally be revealed. In this memoir-style interview (with over an hour of content), Michelle discusses her nearly 7-year storybook career, and leaves no stone unturned; from her first day on the job to how long she had been contemplating her eventual May 1st retirement at Extreme Rules. Also, for the first-time ever, she discusses the rumors of backstage politics and preferential treatment that has plagued the later part of her career. Michelle’s setting the record straight. It’s her story. In her own words. Only on MichelleMcCool.Net.

In the teaser clip provided, Michelle goes into detail about a life-threatening injury she had sustained in 2006.


  • Kaleidoscope

    her voice has a slur to it. it sounds like she’s fked up on painkillers

  • venom

    I can’t view the video while at work. Sounds like I’m not missing much.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I was about to watch but decided to see if someone maybe posted what this injury was. Thanks for the heads up Will.

  • Will Henderson

    i hate misleading titled stories on wrestling news sites, this is one of them, the story is really a press release and don’t say anything about the “Life Threating Injury and also there’s a video to watch that is basically where the story is at.

    if i was running this site, i would put Video/Press Release: Michelle McCool tells all in memoir style “Shoot Interview”.

  • bonerjams

    did she specify whether she was going to come back?
    too lazy to watch the whole segment lol

  • mark

    would like to see and layla back asap