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Mick Foley Gives Advice to Ryback As He Prepares for HIAC

– WWE’s website has a new storyline article up with Mick Foley giving advice to Ryback as the #1 contender prepares to step inside Hell In a Cell for the first time this Sunday. Here are some quotes:

“Let it all hang out. If there was ever a time not to hold anything back, it is in this match.”

“We haven’t seen Ryback pushed past the five-minute mark. Five minutes would be a long Ryback match … [Punk] had a day off and spent it running a marathon; that is a guy who is in prime condition. CM Punk [is] a master of mind games and it could just very well be that he would relish the opportunity to have a very tired Ryback on his hands.”

“There’s a distinct size and strength advantage that Ryback possesses, so you almost look at Punk as if he’s the underdog, even though he’s the WWE Champion. Ryback has his work cut out for him. He has to make the statement and he has to do it in the course of a victory, and neither one of those is easy to accomplish. I think a huge win over Ryback would be even bigger than a victory over John Cena, because John Cena, as great as he is, has been defeated. It’s not only that Ryback hasn’t been defeated, but also that he hasn’t been touched. A win against Ryback would go a long way toward cementing Punk’s legacy.”

  • eric

    yeah very true. i have to agree with what ric flair said about mick foley in 2004. his book in 2004 8 yrs ago. when flair called mick foley a gloify hollywood stunman. it is truth. foley is stunman. from getting locked in dumpster taking dive off stage from newage outlaws in raw in 1998. from getting chokeslam through cell at king or ring98. from getting backbody drop from top cell through cell. at noway out 2000 in his wwf title match vs hhh at nowayout 2000 in hartford civic center. 2006 getting spear down off apron through flaming table at wm22 in 2006 vs edge in chicago street fight. foley has been pro wrestling wwe stunman. old natch was right in 2004!

  • Enigma

    @Dan that was f’n hilarious….

  • Dan

    Foley’s main bit of advice should be don’t get thrown off the top of the cell through a table and avoid getting put through the roof of the cell.