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Mick Foley Brings His TNA Segment Into Feud with Dean Ambrose, Ambrose Responds

– The feud between Mick Foley and FCW star Dean Ambrose continued on Twitter this weekend. Foley referenced a TNA segment between he and Ric Flair back in 2010, which is embedded blow, and wrote:

“I’m going to start working on a pretty thorough piece addressing this whole Dean Ambrose thing. It might rub many the wrong way. We’ll see.”

“My blog is going to have to wait until my new @WWE book deal is finalized. Too important to blow on someone like @thedeanambrose #verucasalt”

“This Dec 2010 promo with me & Flair seems to be where the entire Ambrose philosophy comes from.”

“Please watch and RT this Foley/Flair Impact promo from December 2010 to better understand my eventual response.”

Ambrose replied:

“Hmm, Ric is right, Only Ric wasn’t one of those kids.I’m far more evolved, I’m far too damaged. Way past the point of no return #thanksmick”

“Oh, also you did a great job of taking tv away from great young talent in that segment. Then you stole their money and left #thanksmick”

  • Bill

    This feud NEEDS to come on to TV at some point.

  • Seth

    Aint no troll like a wrestling troll cause a wrestling troll don’t stop.

  • theMark

    OMG when the hell with that Fatass Foley just commit suicide and end his pathetic life?? maybe Kamala will roll his chucky body down a road and roll over Foley
    I bet Kamala was the one who cut Owen Hart’s harness!!! wish Hogan o Flair fell and snapped their necks

  • Ant

    stfu both of u 2 first guys dean ambrose might be good enough to be at wrestlemania u never know i wasnt aware that u guys could see the future

  • adam

    Well i agree with you flair. I say flair hogan and sting are all going to die in the ring. Its going to be a triple threat match there all going to have a heart attack and die at the same point. Also once again im loving Ambrose. I know he is coming in as a heel but i could see him being a face easily too. I could also see this charcter evolving kind of like how punks straight edge charcter did. Were every week dean says im doig this for all of you i want to help you. I cant wait till he debuts.

  • hbk fan

    who is ambrose and now u have him booked at wrestlemania r u kidding me i know who he is but the general wrestling fan could give to cents less on who ambrose is and u have him booked at wrestlemania he may wrestle him at idk summerslam or what ever there july ppv is called now

  • not everything goes to mania… dumb ass kids who just started watching piss me off.

  • Ant

    hmmm dean ambrose vs mick foley for wrestlemania 29