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Mick Foley Comments on Warrior’s Hall of Fame Speech, Video of The Undertaker’s Appearance

– Below is video of The Undertaker paying tribute to Paul Bearer at last night’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony:

– Mick Foley tweeted the following during The Ultimate Warrior’s speech:

“Personally, I think my #WWEHOF speech last year may have been better than this one.”

  • catgravy

    Ultimate Warrior getting inducted and resigned is great and all but as far as the business goes, Mick Foley / Mankind / Dude Love / Cactus Jack were more recent to me then Warrior. He id more for me personally to involve me into the personality then Warrior did when I was younger. I have been watching wrestling since I was young and my first memory of it was Hulk Hogan carrying Ms. Elizabeth to the back because she got hit outside the ring I think it was. It was on a Saturday Night Main Event on NBC. Anyways Warrior had that electricity about him but I never just thought of him as more of a brother of Hulk Hogan. He was there and kinda forgettable. But who forgets Socko, being thrown off the cage, all the tacks, and certainly not least the blood Foley put out for the entertainment.

  • alex

    he said, may have. MAY HAVE.

  • TheFizPop

    Of course you do, you glorified hobo