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Mick Foley and Finn Balor Comment on Bayley’s Battleground Appearance

– Newly drafted RAW superstar, and former NXT Champion, Finn Balor took to Twitter to comment on Bayley’s WWE debut:

– RAW General Manager and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley also posted the following picture on Facebook in regards to Bayley’s debut:

  • CC

    Just watching SD and I have to say that’s it a travesty if Bayley was a one time only deal. While they have not wrestled yet, the 3 new female additions to SD looked to be pretty awful for the most part. The Alexa Bliss character and mini promo was so full of blonde bitch clichés, it wasn’t funny. Carmella just looked and sounded awful. Her “dance” was terrible and her mini promo wasn’t much better. As for Eva Maria, please tell me that is not the entrance music/video/voice over that she will come out to all the time.
    And I seriously hope she has learned to wrestle at last.

  • Kyle Hardee

    I wonder if Mick smells as bad as he looks like he smells?