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Mick Foley Not Happy With Eve Name Calling, Says WWE Is Sending A Mixed Message

After Eve declared on Raw SuperShow two weeks ago that she’d taken advantage of Zack Ryder’s feelings to further her own career and planned on doing the same with John Cena, she quickly became the recipient of great scorn. Cena proclaimed on the same show that he lost a “broski” for a “hoeski;” this has led to the WWE Diva being inundated with the derogatory name at live events and through social media outlets. Legendary wrestler Mick Foley, a friend of Eve’s, is not fond of this uncomplimentary storyline and is voicing his concern through Twitter.

Foley initially played up the storyline on the micro-blogging site by saying Ryder should give Eve another chance. A follower of Foley’s disagreed, writing, “Once a #Hoeski, always a #Hoeski.” He responded by saying both Ryder and Cena should apologize to Eve for calling her that name.

“Sorry, @LizBDecker, but @ZackRyder should take @EveMarieTorres back AND apologize for calling her that name. @JohnCena should apologize too,” Foley wrote. “It’s important to be able to disagree without being disagreeable. @ZackRyder should just say #noski when it comes to using the word #hoeski.”

Foley adds that WWE is sending a “mixed message” with the name-calling since it contradicts their anti-bullying campaign ‘be a STAR’ and Cena’s motto to “Rise Above Hate.”

“I wouldn’t be so uneasy with the name-calling if not for Be a Star and @JohnCena rising above hate. Mixed message,” he wrote in response to the following comment: “How does John Cena accusing Eve of being a skank and of being diseased fit with the Be a Star campaign?”

Foley continues, “I think @zackryder can come out of this looking good, but not if he gives into something as cheap and easy as name-calling.”

He was also asked whether the storyline is a product of lazy writing or indicative of a blatant sexism problem within WWE.

“I really love what WWE is doing with it’s anti-bullying campaign – but the “hoeski” thing did strike me as the lazy way out,” Foley responded.

This is not the first time where Foley has publicly taken a stand for a female being demeaned on WWE programming as he took offense online to Triple H belittling ring announcer Lilian Garcia with a hurtful behind-the-scenes joke during a 2010 episode of Raw. He acknowledged then that speaking out against the WWE head may have cost himself professionally down the road, but vehemently felt he had to take a stand.

  • John

    Mick should realize that this is the same company that says that they support our troops fighting for our rights, yet they support the stop online piracy act and the protect ip act.

  • Raziel

    Wonder what he thinks of Rock’s plan to make Cena his bitch?

  • D2K

    @ Turd: Agreed.

  • Turd Ferguson

    WWE: Stop the Hate

    What a bunch of bullshit.

  • shawn

    thats correct, WWE is full of bullying, thats part of the reason i watch the SHOW. all it comes down to are the parents guidance, then their kids’ judgements when they are in school or somewhere else without adult supervision. Be a Star deals with real life.

  • CC

    Wow, Mick cant see the difference between real life and an in ring angle it seems.
    If WWE sticks to the letter of the law with this be a star campaign then all we will be left with is faces and no heels.
    If he thinks Cena and Ryder are being bullies, what does he think Eve did to Ryder was? Leading a guy on then cheating on him and saying she just used Zack?
    What does Mick think Laurenitis does to most faces?
    What does he think Chris Jericho is doing when he attacks CM Punk from behind?
    What does he think the Barrett Barrage is?

    Mick needs to fuck off quite frankly.

  • Shawn

    This isn’t anything new for WWE. Foley is just now realizing this??? When CM Punk was portrayed as a big time heel, yet preached the dangers of drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Yeah, very mixed messages. How about Randy Orton kicking a man in the skull while he was a top face? WWE programming is the most hypocritical show on TV.

  • Buttercastle

    As someone who’s dealt with a hoeski in recent times, I’m very comfortable with Eve being treated like one. Storyline or not, it’s ALWAYS broskis before hoeskis.

  • me

    whilst i agree with foleys point, at the end of the day all it is is a sotryline, it would be like someone (off the top of my head) keira knightly being called a whore as a line in a film, (i think jack sparrow called her one in POTC?) anyway, does that mean it’s derogatory to keira? no, she’s playng a part the same as eve is playing a part.

    if eve is allowing it, then it’s fine.

  • HHH=Goat

    @ Randy, i understand what you’re saying and i agree.. i dont think he has a problem with what was said.. i think he has a problem with WWE contradicting themsevles over and over. They tell the public one thing to keep good with Public Relations and they do another.

    If the WWE want to be accepted and respected more by the general public and have a place in Mainstream tv and movies. this isn’t the correct way to go about it just to get a fued/angle a few more viewers leading to WM, they should be looking past it as well.

  • Devil_Rising

    The man has a point. But then again, WWF/E has been degrading women on TV for years, since the Attitude Era.

  • shawn

    he wants Ryder to apologise to Eve, yeah thats kayfabe. maybe he does have an issue with the mentioned inconsistency the WWE displayed, therefore they should have him pair up with Eve. that’ll have him blow off some steam. Mick vs. Ryder at some point? btw it looks like its going to be Kane vs. Orton at WM. should’ve been Ryder vs. Kane. i just thought of Kane and the heel Mick Foley vs Ryder and Orton. why not? oh, Orton. never mind. he wants a singles match most definitely. i doubt we’ll see a heel Foley but i do want to see Ryder included in a match, thats why i thought of the tag match.

    i jizz all over my television WHENEVER i see Eve. ok. WHENEVER

  • D2K

    I agree with Dashing1. Fans aren’t calling Eve something she isn’t (or at least her character isn’t portraying.) If name-calling in and of itself is ‘bullying’ then The Rock is public enemy number one in that category. All he has done since he came back is call Cena profanity-framed names. He’s even called Cena FANS names. If you are looking for your double-standard, there it is.

  • lol

    i really dont see why or how you people think eve is so hot….shes actully really fucking ugly…but i guess for the kiddies and the ones who never had a gf…will think shes the best thing since sliced bread

  • dashing1

    What’s wrong with calling a ho a ho? People are so damn oversensitive and politically correct about everything these days it’s annoying. Freedom of speech needs to make a comeback ad people need to stop being wusses. just sayin

  • Prince

    @BlaH Stop posting that in every topic you moron. No one gives a shit.

  • chronoxiong

    I agree with Mick’s point of view. The WWE has been contradicting themselves with the Be a Star program for quite a while. It sure isn’t stop just because Mick spoke his mind.

  • Barri Griffiths WHAAAAY

    I wish Mick Foley would just leave wrestling for good.

  • RPM

    He is right but it is WWE’s own fault because they want to have this great public image and appeal to families but they also want to continue to have semi-negative storylines to create heals/put people over but are really moving towards having to only have rainbow and puppy storylines because of all the different groups they are associating with/trying to help.

    Attitude Era is definatley missed.

  • dave

    i agree with Micks observation but WWE also would have no problem saying they stand for ANTI PHYSICAL BULLYING then the whole product is fighting so……

  • Kawika

    Like Mick or Hate him at least he stands up for what he believes in even if it may cost him his job. If WWE lets him for speaking out that shows just how much bullshit and two faced the WWE higher ups are and show that there BE A STAR and Rise above hate messages are just a joke and are messages that they dont really believe in.

  • Kawika

    And before anyone goes and says name calling isn’t part of bullying I worked with youth and I know some who killed themselves because of relentless name calling and teasing by peers.

  • Kawika

    He is saying that WWE goes all out about no being a bully and John Cena says rise above hate and yet in the story line isnt name calling a way of bullying and how can Cena say rise above hate and then turn around call someone a hoe and say she has disease out of anger and hatred for lossing a friend because of her. Foley is right WWE is sending a mixed messages with be a star and rise above hate and yet in the story line they do the opposite of what they preaching. Back in the attitude era with Stephanie WWE wasnt doing a campaign against bullying or saying to everyone to rise above the hate. Foley is saying WWe cant have it both ways if you going have a story line like this where they want to have name calling and bullying then dont go and make a big deal about not doing it.

  • zach

    B A STAR is a joke

  • Mark

    see you mick, nice to have u back in the wwe for a few weeks anyway

  • Marc

    Back in the Attitude era Stephanie McMahon got called a slut by the crowd all the time. Especially when the Rock or Y2J were harassing her so I really don’t think hoeski is that offensive at all.

  • Randy

    Seriously, that’s tame. In the Attitude Era she’d be called a Filthy, Dirty, Disgusting, Brutal, Bottom-Feeding Trashbag Hoeski

  • ##

    The hoeski thing is getting her over why stop it.