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Mick Foley Interview – Why He Left TNA Wrestling, Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena


Speaking to Emmy nominated entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet of WOIO in Cleveland, Ohio, Mick Foley was asked why he left TNA Wrestling last year.

“In my three years with Total Nonstop Action, I think exactly one person said, ‘Hey, you’re that guy from TNA.’ I’m a WWE guy. I went away from home for a while. There was no question. I was never one of those guys who said I’m never going back. I enjoyed my time away, but it’s still home.”

The Hardcore Legend was also asked about Brock Lesnar returning to WWE and his Extreme Rules match against John Cena.

“Oh, God,” Foley said. “I’ve watched a lot of pay-per-view and it had a room full of people who have watched a lot of pay-per-views reacting in a way that was completely different than anything I’ve seen before. It was really shocking. It was very dramatic.

“Honestly, I wish they would have stopped it. I think John Cena was hurt bad enough that they should have stopped it. I think it would have been an ending unlike anything I’ve ever seen in WWE – an early stoppage of a match due to injury.”

Foley said he was backstage at WrestleMania XXVIII and thought Undertaker vs. Triple H was the best match of the evening. He also noted received a standing ovation from wrestlers in the backstage area after his Mr. Socko and Cobra segment with Santino Marella at the Royal Rumble. Other topics broached include his comedy tour and WWE promoting his book unexpectedly.

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