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Mick Foley Praises Monday’s RAW, Ric Flair Having Problems with Blood Clots In His Leg Again

– Mick Foley wrote the following on his Facebook page about Monday’s RAW:


I noticed that there was some negative feedback concerning last night’s Raw – some people feel like the Triple H/Orton/Shield faction has assumed too much power, too soon. But let me ask you this: how many of you found yourselves talking to your TV screen..actually TALKING to your TV screens, saying things like “no, Big Show, don’t do it!” I know I was..and I don’t talk to my screen all that often.

The look in Show’s eyes after he KO’s Daniel Bryan was just heartbreaking. I believe he, along with Daniel, Punk and Heyman, are all embarking on some pretty deep trips into the human mind. I don’t know where these trips will lead, or what they’ll find when they get there, but my guess is it’s going to make for some captivating television.”

– The blood clots in Ric Flair’s leg have returned, although he’s telling people it’s not as bad as before. Flair’s reps have told people who he’s booked with in the next few weeks, where he has to fly, that he can’t risk flying distances and would have to cancel the appearance.

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  • millerj265

    Although I agree with you, and I believe that building the heat and letting this angle have a slow burn will in the end make the payoff tremendously satisfying, the wwe really is to blame for the reaction of most fans who are getting tired of waiting for Bryan to get his against hhh and orton. They have hot shot so many angles that could have built and simmered till they were about to explode, with payoffs that would have been talked about for weeks or months and instead just hurried them along and blew them off in a few weeks. The wwe’s best shot at getting the audience used to these slow burn angles again would have been 2yrs ago when punk left with the wwe title. they should have let him defend it at roh, or pwg, and let him stay off tv for at least 3 months instead of less then one day. They really had something special with that angle and they completely buried it and destroyed something that could have been the best wrestling angle in a very, very long time. Now im not saying this angle with bryan can be as good as the punk angle could have been, but with the right amount of time given to it, it has the potential to run strong till at least January.

  • rj27

    It seems not everyone has foley’s attitude or attention span when it comes to this storyline. I seem to be reading a lot of “this shits getting boring”. It’s called building heat but I guess most people prefer the “I win this week you, win next week” style of booking.

  • Ultimo Cordero

    I predict Cody and Bryan teaming up against HHH and his goons