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Mick Foley Praises Three TNA Stars, Knockout Heading To Japan

— Mick Foley went on Twitter to compliment TNA Wrestling stars James Storm, Bobby Roode and Bully Ray for their performance on Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

“Well done – @Cowboy_J_Storm , @REALBobbyRoode, and Bully Ray all worked their butts off!” he wrote.

Storm faced Roode and Ray in separate matches.

— Sarita, who is known outside of TNA Wrestling as Dark Angel, is heading to Japan in March for women’s wrestling promotion Stardom. She will partner with Io Shirai in the main event of the March 4 event against Nanae Takahashi and Miho Wakizawa. (Article link)

The TNA Knockout said of the upcoming bout on Facebook, “I’ll be spending my birthday and celebrating my 10th anniversary as a wrestler in Japan this year. No better way to celebrate!”

— Madison Rayne turns 26 years old Sunday.

  • Jason

    Okay I will bite, what huge problems does TNA have from a product stand point? I can’t wait to hear this one.

    Here are some things they are doing 100% right

    The right workers are being pushed

    New wrestlers are being produced

    The tag team division is getting alot better

    The women’s division is the best it’s ever been and better then anything WWE has ever done in that area.

    Roode and Storm have been turned into mega stars in this business, (The WWE 12 game proves this as Roode is the most downloaded CAW character in the game by far)

    TNA did something that WWE never could do and that was make Bubba Ray a main eventer and serious single’s heel.

    The production is way better

    More over seas tours and more house shows with sell outs then ever before.

    Being voted the best wrestling show of the year by PWI

    Now having 6 tours for Impacts on the road from May through Dec

    Leaving the Impact Zone in June of 2013 via when the contract comes up with USO.

    Yes TNA has problems but for every one problem TNA has I can name 10 more that WWE has at the moment.

    If WWE was so much better then why was there 15,000 english fans in the UK chanting WWE sucks and TNA rules? You never hear that at any WWE events towards TNA but you hear it all the time at TNA events. WWE must be doing something wrong in that regard more then what TNA is doing to get that type of reaction.

  • Derihnsnsh


    Who are you calling a mark? You’re a mark if I’ve ever seen one. TNA has some huge problems and a long way to go, deal with it.

  • poko

    I really think most wrestling fans, as opposed to fans of a particular brand, are thrilled to see a guy like Roode get a push as champion. Great decision by TNA, and whoever made that call. TNA writing is still pretty lame overall, but they’ve got some great performers in the spotlight at the moment, especially with Storm, Roode, and Aries.

    I’d also love to see Sarita team with Io Shirai. Io Shirai is flat out incredible, one of the most agile and exciting wrestlers in the world, period. If you don’t know her, look up Triple Tails on youtube, which was the group she formed with Kana and her sister.

  • kamala’s foot

    Mic Foley is kissing ass because he’ll be fired from WWE and back to TNA.

  • Jason

    Bully Ray imo right now is the best heel in this business by far while Roode is the best heel champion in the business today.

  • venom

    I haven’t seen Impact in a while, but i heard Bully Ray made some big improvements.

  • Jason

    I’m telling you WWE marks TNA is on fire right now, you guys better stop thinking like marks for a brand and begin thinking like wrestling fans. The business needs that type of thinking more now then ever.

  • JOE

    Is he a sell out too???