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Mick Foley Wants To Appear On Raw, TNA Star Returning To TV

— Mick Foley joked on Twitter that he is contemplating asking TNA Wrestling permission to attend The Rock’s birthday celebration next month on Monday Night Raw.

The Rock is advertised for the May 2 episode of Monday Night Raw in Miami, which occurs on his birthday.

“Is @therock really having a birthday party on Raw? Maybe they’ll show a clip of th pardookie I threw him in ’99. Think Yurple will show up?” Foley continued, “I just received 57 messages in the last 2 min -The people WANT the Mick @therock ‘s party, they NEED the Mick @therock ‘s party!”

Foley added moments later, “And 62 new ones in the last two minutes as well. Guess it couldn’t hurt to ask for a one day furlough from TNA to help @therock celebrate.”

— Velvet Sky stated during a chat session last night on that Alex Shelley will return to television this Thursday on TNA iMPACT!.

Shelley has been sidelined since January due to a broken collarbone suffered at a live event in Hagerstown, Maryland. He was advertised to participate in the X Division Ultimate Xscape Match at TNA Lockdown, but was removed from the match on April 7, thus postponing his return.

  • erik

    @keyo hogan is not worth a dim he can’t wrestle at all or draw big rating anymore. That is why vince mcmahon and wwe has not called him in over 5 years.

  • keylo

    So going by most of your reckoning cause he worked a promo with the rock he has to appear, why ? as do we get everyone that worked a promo, hey we could get Lance Storm as well as he did a promo with Rock. And Vemon you call hogan thick and not smart really, the old bastard is still making money 30 or so yrs on, sounds smart to me.

  • The Stone Cold Truth

    TNA would be the most unprofessional wrestling company in history if they allowed one of their own to appear on RAW. I know it was a joke though, it won’t happen.

  • Nicholas G

    Mick Foley is always welcome back to WWE. He is the only one not going into the twitter war like Hogan and Angle. If I am Mic Foley I show up anyway. I mean what it TNA going to do do fire him not like they are using him any way. An really Foley belongs to the WWE. It would be Mick Foley like the Rock coming home. I only think the reason why Hogan or TNA won’t let him show up on RAw is because he might not want to go back to TNA but like I said not like they are using him anyway.

  • Bri

    Did wwe promote his book on their website? An do a interview too.

  • KitKrock

    If Mick stayed in the WWE, NO DAMN DOUBT about it he would’ve inducted TERRY FUNK in the wwe HOF.

    Mick must’ve been crying & pissed off that night.

  • erik

    mick should go to wwe and take dixie cater, father time flair and one legged hasbeen hogan. It could be a walker on a pole match with flair vs hogan.

  • jushin liger

    You will see mick real soon when him and dixie show up as “The Network” on TNA.When that happens there is no way He will be allowed to show up on raw.

  • venom

    If Hogan is smart, he’ll let Mic show up on Raw. That would be their way of advertising Impact on Raw. But Hogan isn’t smart, so he won’t do that. Hogan is too worried about how he is going to win the TNA title a have a 5 year run with it.

  • JIR

    Mick needs to go back to WWE as Raw GM or as an agent he is creative but needs to stay out of the ring as much as possible

  • M.C.

    Mick should’ve never signed with TNA & stayed with WWE. For those who doubt me & think he’s doing great in TNA, consider this question- Where the hell is Mick Foley on Impact?

  • chris

    Be nice to see him back where he belongs, but no way goes tna let him..

  • cheesehandler

    haha look at foley tryin to get paid

  • vin diesel

    I love the rock, I wanna kiss his neck.

  • Myers

    haha very true.

  • adam

    @myers. Well he has to try something.

  • Myers

    Sounds like a clever way of getting on a show people watch.

  • DJS

    It’s Foley, he has a special relationship with Vince – it WILL happen. The only thing that could stop it would be, not Dixie directly, but Hogan and Bischoff influencing her to say no to his request.

  • Edge-3000

    Remember Robbie from the Highlanders and what happened at the Wrestlemania 24 week? I highly doubt Vince will do anything like that.

  • adam

    I doubt they will let him go. If they do and he is and they actually show him on tv I think this furthers my idea that vince has something to do with tna.

  • Dave

    No way TNA lets him appear, but it would be cool if he did.