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Mick Foley Talks About Fallout From His HIAC Match

WWE Legend Mick Foley recently did an interview with ABC 15 Arizona to promote his “20 Years of Hell” tour, where he also talked about his Hell in a Cell match with The Undertaker, wrestling taking a toll on his body, and more. Here are a few highlights from the interview:

Foley reveals that he was in pain when he made an appearance on an episode of RAW in 2007 with the Suns Gorilla to promote the “hair vs. hair” match between Mr. McMahon and Donald Trump.

“I was in incredible pain, and had it not been for the release of my Hardcore Diaries book, I believe I would have stayed in bed. That was about the worst I’ve ever been,” Foley said about his 2007 appearance.

“I think Mr. McMahon was trying to pay me off, and I got him to pick up my hotel bill,” he joked. “I traveled a long way in a lot of pain for that speech.”

Foley on finally embracing the fallout from the legendary HIAC match:

“Part of my show is about dealing with the aftermath and the fallout from that match, and feeling for many years like I was Bill Murray in an airing of ‘Groundhog Day’ that never ends, and ultimately coming to embrace it. I’ve realized there are far worse things that you could be remembered for than a match 20 years ago.”

You can read the entire interview on ABC 15.