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– Mick Foley was asked on Twitter last night if he can see himself having another match against The Undertaker. Foley replied, “Could I see me and Undertaker having one more match? Not likely, but I’m going to drop 50 lbs just in case I get the call.”

Foley was then asked who on the WWE roster today does he think he can have a good match with. Foley said, “Not sure I can have a GREAT match with anyone, anymore. But I think I could have a GOOD last match with several guys in @WWE.”

Foley also gave his thoughts on TNA getting talent over to the mainstream after a fan asked who he thought has “it” on Impact Wrestling, enough to be a top talent like The Rock or John Cena. Foley’s thoughts: “Not trying to be mean, but I’m not sure Impact will ever be big enough to truly get a new wrestler over to the mainstream.”

  • StudDog

    ^^^ No, He sounds like a closet homo with turrets syndrome.

  • tombstone1108

    You sound like a 10yr old who found a site mom and dad dont know about so you think you can get away with talking filthy. Grow up.

  • http://www.wrestleedge.com CM PUNKS PROMO

    Mic Foley vs mrgay vince countless last ride match:)

  • http://www.wrestleedge.com CM PUNKS PROMO

    Mick Foley Vs. Dickmanager last gay match ever :P)

  • http://www.wrestleedge.com CM PUNKS PROMO

    mick foley is my daddy ass

  • Brooklyn Brawler 4 Life

    I vote Foley (as Mankind) vs. Undertaker at WM28, IF Foley loses that 50 pounds…

  • RUSTanator

    general manager!!!!!

  • BlahH

    you guys in the Nor’East that was some eartquake we just had. Never felt anything like that iin Queens, NY before! WoW that was crazy!

  • JIR

    Again Foley would be a good manager, Announcer, or backstage mic trainer, his body would not be able to handle wrestling again and he is smart enough to know it

  • killer bee

    @ CM PUNKS PROMO, What the hell are talking about ?

  • muh boy

    having mick in wwe would not be a good fit for him. to much has changed

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