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Mick Foley Gone from TNA?, Thursday’s Impact Wrestling Rating and More

– Stan sent word that there was 28 minutes and 6 seconds of in-ring action on this past Thursday’s TNA Impact Wrestling, up a bit from the previous week.

– Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling did a 1.1 cable rating with 1,452,000 viewers. This is down from the previous week.

– It appears that Mick Foley’s storyline “firing” on Impact Wrestling is his exit from TNA. Foley’s deal expires in September but internally, it’s considered that he’s pretty much done and won’t be back. There has been some frustration from both sides about their relationship for a while.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • cheesehandler

    “wrestling matters”….HA. tna’s a fuckin joke….if wrestling did matter they wouldnt be following in wwe’s foot steps with this 32 minute bullshit….im done

  • Assassino

    i wonder how many segments hogan has on the show?

  • RCA

    Stop hating on Stan, I think what he keeps track of makes sense. C’mon now people, these are supposed to be wrestling shows and the fact that about 75% of the show is NOT wrestling, is a bit startling. Keep up the good work, Stan.

  • david said so

    hey stan drive off another cliff with your prego girl in the trunk fagget

  • Greatness

    Stan isn’t a minuteman anymore, he is a secondman hahaha

  • Malin

    WWE won’t have Foley back. He’s not a draw for their target audience now.

  • venom

    I thought TNA said they were going to be all about wrestling. According Stan “The Mark Timekeeper,” they’re all about Hogan, and not wrestling.

  • erik

    they had old man hogan bischoff and old guys talking there brain outs. tna why fine before bichoff and old man hogan showed up. tna or impact need to get rid of hogan flair bischoff etc the old guys are doing nothing for ratings.

  • Pissed Off Fan :(

    Dude Foley as the GM would make so much sence and would be awesome!

  • JD

    whoa whoa whoa… isnt TNA a 2 hour show? yet it only had 28min 6 sec worth of actual wrestling? hmmm what did they do the other 1 hr 32 min? TNA sucks…. oh yea stan sucks too

  • EnderMX

    Stan pisses me off.

  • dlb

    why even bring him back for a little bit then? it was just a tease that makes the show suck more now with his absence. goddammit i hate bischoff and hogan

  • Bill

    Mick Foley for Raw Anonymous GM!

  • villa foley

    legends contract coming for the hardcore legend