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Would Mickie James Go For The World Championship?, Sarita Honored In Japan

— Mickie James commented on her official website whether she aspires to win the X Division or World Heavyweight Championship one day. Though she would consider it an honor to compete for either title, it is not among her goals because it is not realistic.

“Although I do believe I have achieved most of my goals in the wide world of wrestling I don’t feel I’ve achieved them all. The Knockouts Tag Team Championships would be an amazing addition to my list of Championships. However, I am a realist in the sense that I live in a man’s world. Although it would be an honor to compete for either the X-Division or Heavyweight Championship I don’t have it among my goals,” James says.

“I honestly feel that a woman will probably never win the Heavyweight Championship unless it’s some sort of gimmick or fluke. I would never want to win any championship under those circumstances. Or unless of course the woman is perceived capable of competing against a man as Chyna was in her heyday. Which could possibly happen with someone like Kharma now. Or even Beth Phoenix when she first debuted. But the fact is I am a woman… I love being a woman and embrace every part of it. I’m not as strong as a man no matter how good I am.”

— Sarita, who internationally competes as Dark Angel, was honored at a ceremony on Sunday following her match for Japanese women’s wrestling promotion Stardom. She was given a plaque and a bouquet of flowers in honor of her tenth anniversary in wrestling (see photo).

  • scooter

    christy hemmes getting the heavyweight belt next month the unidentified red head hogan banged came with a price tag clearly

  • me

    i’d let Mickie pin me.

  • poko

    That’s a very realistic and honorable thing for Mickie to say. Any gimmick or fluke that resulted in a championship wouldn’t be something to be proud of.

    Guy vs. girl matches CAN be very entertaining, however, if all are skilled performers, and the size differential isn’t crazy. You still see matches like that in Japan, though the women there are often on a higher skill level than you usually see on television here–and, of course, you don’t have the PC issues or women’s groups throwing hissy fits.

    Check out Tajiri and his group taking on Kana and Triple Tails. Really entertaining matchup, with excellent performances all the way around —

  • hbk fan

    i used to have to wrestle girls in high school god i hated it if u won u just beat a girl big deal if u lost u never heard the end of it

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow.

    Just like a man would never win the women’s title, oh wait…

  • CC

    The problem you have is that if a woman has a match against a man, it will bring out all the PC brigade saying you shouldnt glorify man on woman violence.
    If the woman wins, feminists will say its a great day, but men will say that its a joke, and seeing as the bulk of wrestling audiences are men, that wont sit well.
    If the man wins, then we are back to the PC crowd and their women beating claims.