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Mickie James Says She’s A Wrestling Icon, TNA Returning To Canada, Rob Van Dam

— Mickie James was asked by a Twitter user the difference between an icon and a legend and responded, “A Legend is an Icon of the past… I am an Icon! I aspire 2 be a Legend!”

Between WWE and TNA, James is an eight-time champion, and is also the only female to hold the WWE Women’s, WWE Divas and TNA Women’s Knockout Championship in history.

— TNA Wrestling has announced that the organization will return to Canada in late June for a live event tour. Events are scheduled for Saturday, June 23 in Oshawa, Ontario and Sunday, June 24 in Hamilton, Ontario.

— Rob Van Dam and So Cal Val appear at Direct Auto Insurance 4459 W. Irlo Bronson Highway Kissimmee, Florida on Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Call 407-396-9033 for more information.

  • Tyler

    Mickie james as a wrestling icon And most important a porn icon

  • Straight-edge

    Joe is a joke he can move but damn man you cant be taken to serious with rolls to your knees find a gym and use it.

  • Jason

    Both angles were done pretty much at the same time from both TNA and ROH. WWE just stole the idea point blank and made it worse by using Kevin Nash like TNA did in 2006. That was more of a copy from TNA than ROH. Cell phone, no show partner, boss vs. Joe/Punk. The only thing WWE did not copy was Nash vs. Joe.

    Yeah but Eric was not the only person in the match. He had 9 other guys to keep the match going. It was not a one on one match like Cena vs. Johnny Ace is going to be.

  • SpudimusPrime89

    @ the real Jason

    “Mean while on WWE land we got John Cena still in the main event but only this time he is feuding with a non wrestler and having a match against the non wrestler on a PPV…”

    Didn’t TNA JUST do that with Garrett and Eric Bischoff? Also, we’ve already gone over the fact that The Summer of Punk angle was already taken from an angle Punk did in ROH.

  • poko

    TNA, after about a year of being incoherent, has been awfully good lately. Garrett Bischoff getting a mid-card push is lame, but it’s no worse than Brodius Clay squashing Ziggler and Swagger by himself, or Laurinaitis in a PPV match. Both shows have sucky, gimmicky “entertainment” spots.

    Roode and Aries as champions have been excellent. My only real quibble is that Aries needs some big names as competition. TNA has been doing a great job of having high-profile guys lose to Roode in order to build his credibility, and I’d like to see the same with Aries. The tag team division is being rebuilt, and it’s looking pretty good; not as good as several years ago, but it’s definitely getting better.

    People complain about AJ not being in the top spot, but people also complained that AJ was in the top spot for too long. He’ll be back eventually, we all know that. TNA doesn’t have to turn him into a Cena, where he gets a permanent push until people get tired of him. I’d like to see them keep AJ out of the lime-light for awhile, and establish some new competition, like Roode, then bring him back strong.

    Overall, I like the direction, and think they’ve made some good choices. I understand that they’re not going to keep Hogan off TV, but at least make him less of a central figure. The “GM decision” thing went on WAY too long. Flair doesn’t need to be on TV at all, unless it’s to push younger talent. Finally, yes, bring back the six-sided ring. It’s pretty obvious that was NOT holding TNA back.

  • Seth

    Jason, do you have a set of unique skills also?

  • Jason

    Ok seriously the asshole that used my name falsely to say he’s gonna go find that guy for using my name I’m gonna stick stings bat up my ass cause how dare you say I’m gonna go look for someone when I wont cause I’m a huge pussy with sand in my vagina cause tna’s rating suck and I know the show I mark out for won’t make it another decade.

    p.s I love man ranch.

  • jason

    duffman i dont think so we give out free tickets becuze we can afored to while wwe is just a corporate and political suck up while we have thhis is aswome chants you guys only have boring boring chants the fans have spoken we win

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Reading down further I see Narf notices the same problems.

  • Jason

    ok seriously to the asshole who used my named falsely saying i should jump off the impact zone, i am going to fucking find you, i swear to that and i promise i will find you. any of you stupid marks who won’t take me seriously!

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I have begun to watch TNA again, so yes I do watch the product… At least try to. What I’d like: A roster that doesn’t switch heel/face weekly, TNA to quit pushing guys like Crimson and Garrett fucking Bischoff just because his daddy is a higher up but most importantly… Give the title shots to someone deserving and not someone who has been gone for god knows how long.

  • Jason

    Im a Tna wanna be douch bag i should climb to the top of the impact zone and jump off with stings black bat in my butthole I want to apolgize to everyone for me being such a horible lying sack of shit

  • Brock

    AJ is in the main event at the moment and Joe is one half of the Tag team champions. Not everyone can be pushed in the main event at the same time dude.

  • Jason

    Oh you do know we did the Summer of Joe angle via the same angle that the WWE stole from TNA and ROH first back in 2006 don’t you?

    And don’t act like a ton of fans that matter bash TNA, it is only the IWC marks that bash TNA because they are butt hurt that ROH will never match TNA product and business wise.

    Oh yeah and name one thing that is more fun and fresh that the WWE is doing rightn ow over TNA? In TNA we have the open fight night which is a four week style concept that builds all month long. WWE could not even get tough enough right before it got axed from the USA network.

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    Wow, I’m in Ajax so I might check it out!

  • jason

    no its not END OF STORY you just bash becuze your just a mark for that entertainment shit u sheep call wwe while we give you the best of mat action and hardcore wrestling around

  • Doc_Gonzo

    Reposted for Jason:

    To Jason (all of them apparently) ,

    I was a TNA mark from the start due to them starting in Nashville which is a couple hours from where I live.

    I ordered the PPV’s every week,supported them for years,then stopped watching a little bit before Hogan/Bischoff came in.

    I watched a few episodes here and there after Hogan came in,and they were ok,watched an episode a few weeks back and it was improving….BUT…

    The reason people slam TNA is because they haven’t been doing ANYTHING to try and get fans excited. It just seems like they’re going through the motions. Yes,WWE does this too,but we do get great angles like Ambrose/Foley,Punk vs. WWE,etc. That are new and exciting and meant to build new main event caliber guys.

    TNA hasn’t done that at all. When guys like AJ and Joe should be TNA’s big franchise Main Eventers by now,they’re doing next to nothing,and get passed by for Bobby Roode and James Storm who just get pushed to the main event all of a sudden.And understand when I say that,I want TNA to succeed,but they seem to just be stagnant and go nowhere.And when they try new things they fail to build it well enough to get people interested.

    That’s why all the TNA hate…because everyone expected so much more from them by now,and all we’ve gotten is mediocre crap.


  • Drake F3lix

    Jason I know who Lesnar is…… Who the hell is Bobby?

  • Jason

    Do you even watch the product?

    We are pushing Roode, Aries, Bully Ray, Storm, AJ, Joe and Magnus. WTF more do you want? All the main storylines are involving young talent and Eric Bischoff went off tv for good just to please the IWC marks.

    Mean while on WWE land we got John Cena still in the main event but only this time he is feuding with a non wrestler and having a match against the non wrestler on a PPV that cost $55 bucks to buy. CM Punk is the champ but is booked as an after thought to Cena like always.

    At least our champion Bobby Roode is the focus point of our show with long term storyline builds that lead to big pay offs.

    Some times I think most of you just hate on TNA because it is not the WWE or some shit.

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Damn, all the way in Oshawa. Hope they come to Toronto eventually… TNA may not have a clue what to do on television but they put on solid live shows.