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Mike Adamle Returning to Host RAW?, Backstage SmackDown News and More

Sources: PWInsider, Wrestling Observer

– Last night’s edition of ECW on SyFy scored a 1.25 cable rating.

– Jonathan sent the following: I attended the Smackdown taping at the Nassau Coliseum. One thing that I noticed was immediately edited from ECW was an extremely LOUD “This is Stupid” chant during the Abe Washington Show. It was not a smattering either, it was very loud and even stopped Ryder during his ‘promo.’

– WWE officials are reportedly very high on the SmackDown brand right now. At the July 31st creative meeting, which featured the SummerSlam card overhaul that has been discussed in recent reports, those present greatly put over CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, Cryme Tyme, Chris Jericho and John Morrison. While RAW remains the flagship brand, the fact that recent SmackDown episodes have drawn immense critical acclaim is not lost on WWE.

– Joshua sent the following: Just thought I’d let you guys know that Mike Adamle has apparently been contacted for a role as Raw guest host. He’s been on the local news here in Chicago covering sports and a couple days ago he announced that WWE has called him with the offer. Adamle only revealed that tidbit and didn’t get into details or whether or not he’d accepted.

  • Allen

    Bring Eric Bishoff for one night! he will shake things up!!!! the old RAW was the its a family friendly entertainment show which is gay! i was looking back at RAW from the attitude era, invasion era, the first draft, it was all about the big guys, violence, sex! nd now i look at it…wow! this used to be my favorite show? RAW? its not even RAW no more…its plain stupid!
    SmackDown! kicks ass…i was never a fan of smackdown till RAW started sucking ass, now i like these new young guys like Morrison, Ziggler…and the veterans like Edge, Jericho, Rey Mysterio, and Kane.

  • Doug

    3 Simple Words – Rob Van Dam.

  • CptCannabis

    hahaha…Jeff Harvey

  • PWBer

    The Mike Adamle bit was made up by DrDredal on GameFAQs PWB.

  • brody

    Ha ha, go for it, Vince! Put the final nail into that coffin of a show and bury it deep! Raw deserves Adamle!

  • baddog12k

    hes horrible they want to bring him back to make fun of 2 and a half words..Samuel L Jackson!

  • Jesse

    Mike Adamle’s first twelve gigs in the WWE didn’t work, what makes them think he will do any better this time?

  • Matt

    So we went from Shaq to Mike Adamle and Freddie Prinze Jr


  • double d

    you guys are fucked up to that old ass man!

  • Mike Adamle

    Ha ha bitches im coming back so get over it. first match im gonna make Jeff Harvey vs The Deuce for the Championshit oh wait The Deuce is gone..nevermind

  • Doug

    Another reason to praise WWE..NOT!

  • Matt

    Oops I meant to put I was almost embarassed. I have to say though that Shelton singing Hootie and the Blowfish was hilarious.

  • Matt

    I thought that last nights AW show was the worst one yet. This is because of the “Smurf” talk. Believe me I am a huge fan of Shelton Benjamin, but that was just gay. The skit could have been pretty good, but that stint just ruined it. I was even wearing a Shelton Benjamin shirt last night and even though no one was around, it was almost embarassed by that whole smurf thing. Also about Mike Adamle, didn’t WWE learn the first time that the guy botches things up. If he came to Raw he would probably botch things up and Raw especially doesn’t need something like that to happen now.

  • JoeW

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Please don’t bring him back for one night! He was let go because he was horrible! Why?!?!?!?!?!?!?