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Mike Adamle Update, HHH vs. Punk Talk, News on the RAW General Manager, NXT

– Stan sent word that there was 18 minutes and 58 seconds of in-ring action on this past Tuesday’s WWE NXT, actually up from the previous week.

– Former WWE announcer Mike Adamle has been promoted to head sports anchor at the NBC affiliate in Chicago after working part-time there for years.

– At one point, WWE was looking at turning Triple H heel and having him feud with CM Punk. No word yet if that’s still the plan.

– It’s interesting to note that the RAW Anonymous General Manager’s podium was set up at this past Monday’s RAW but they received no “e-mails” and he was never mentioned.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Nicholas G

    Man the internet been talking about HHH turning heel for years but it is not happening not now or every again. HHH is just to much over as a face and really is more of the guy in charge then a wrestler. I tell you HHH vs CM Punk would be bad for Punk he got to much going for him right now. Hey I am a big HHH fan love him as a heel just don’t see him being heel every again. I mean there is a point in a lot of wrestler career that say there is no way that guy is ever going to be heel again. An HHH is at the point as a heel. He is the icon of the WWE right now.

    In closing not happening the internet always get HHH and John Cena wrong about turning them heel. The are just to much over as a face anything else would make no sense.

  • Old Mate Donnie

    Well i was hoping for Punk Vs Doink but i guesss HHH is ok

  • CenaSucks

    @Justin i feel ya man nothing and i mean nothing is going to change the fact that the era before this is going to better than now. i mean come on u have A man who used to bow down like a fairy running this company. and for punk i like him fuck cena gets everything handed to him i mean rey getting that title for a little bit was the biggest thing since cena lost the title aginst punk goes to show that punk is better and that when cena had that suprise match againt rey for the tiltle i go yep rey lost. Cena now that u dont kiss vince’s ass now u will go and kiss the games ass. God somebody beat the crap outa cena PLZ. whispers…The Rock

  • John Cheesa

    I’m also convinced we will never know who the GM is/was much like we never found out who blew up Vince’s limo, who caused the stage to collapse on Vince after the million dollar giveaway angle, who was behind GTV, who raised the briefcase on Austin at the 1999 King of the Ring, who was driving the car when the Nexus attacked Bret Hart, and so forth.

  • John Cheesa

    I was under the impression that Triple H WAS the Raw GM–and if it wasn’t him, it was Stephanie. From what few clues we got, he/she liked messing with Edge, hated Bret Hart, interrupted The Rock. These are things that Triple H would’ve done, but also Stephanie could’ve done them as well. In any event, a heel Triple H would be great. From 1999-2004, no one was better at being a heel than Trips.

    And Mike Adamle…Jamaican me crazy!

  • venom

    I don’t think they had it planned out that somebody was the Raw GM. The GM will probably just disappear. HHH vs Punk would be great.

  • Matt

    hopefully with triple h filling an on air role, the anon raw gm will just dissapear.

  • RPM

    punk is so over I don’t even think he knows if he is a heel or a face

  • Justin


    This is not Austin vs. McMahon 2.0. This is CM Punk vs. HHH in a suit. It would be more of a mirrored match-up if it was a wrestler vs. a non-wrestler (literal) head of the company.

    Christ, will people stop comparing this era to the old days, already? No comparison because this era sucks and will NEVER be able to live up to it.

  • Karl

    Did they ever have a plan as to who the mystery RAW General Manager was supposed to be, or were they just winging it?

  • Sandman

    sad to say its not Austin vs McMahon 2.0 it wont have as much impact and cm punk is nothing like stone cold.

  • Bill

    YES! HHH needs to be heel! This is Austin vs. McMahon 2.0! Punk vs. HHH. How epic would that rivalry be? HHH brings back the Corporation or something, makes Del Rio or Cena the corporate champion, & even returns to the ring at WM 28 against Punk in the grand finale of an epic storyline! Book this WWE!

  • The real wrestling god

    No I think punks a bit of a tweener now leaning more towards a face watch his video after raw this week it seems as if he’s playing to tge crowd.

  • Michael

    Stan really needs to get a life.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Whats funny about this repport is that Punk is a heel. not a face

  • rocky sucks

    it’s a great idea for wm 28 couse rock vs cena will suck big time


    hell yeah triple h vs cm punk hope tha still plan 2 use that

  • The real wrestling god

    That would be awesome to turn triple h heel hasn’t been a heel in about five years

  • Taylor1918

    lol if they act like he/she/it never existed.