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Will MITB Happen at WrestleMania?, Backstage News on Cena’s Rumble Win

– Many fans were wondering WWE’s reasoning for having this year’s Royal Rumble match come down to John Cena and Ryback. There was no longterm reasoning, such as an upcoming feud, behind Cena eliminating Ryback. Officials just wanted Cena eliminating someone strong to win the match.

– There was talk of doing a Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania 29 but WWE officials recently decided they do not want the match taking place on the biggest show of the year. The feeling is Money in the Bank should be left to its own pay-per-view. The idea for this year would have been to feature Ryback in the match to get him over big time but that won’t be happening, at least not at WrestleMania.

Source: PWInsider

  • Prince

    That would be an awesome idea. Would make for one hell of a PPV.

  • Matt Trovato

    It would be nice if these PPVs that were named after the match actually had more than one or two matches of that type. If they had a few more active Divas they could do a Diva MITB match, or even a tag team MITB match would be cool. But WWE only focuses on a handful of Superstars so that will never happen.

  • Stupid idea. MITB used to have way more meaning

  • anti cena

    it should of said ” backstage news on cenas rumble win, everyone’s pissed! ”