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More Mixed Reviews for WWE Studios’ Inside Out with Triple H

– Variety and The New York Times have published new reviews on WWE Studios’ Inside Out with Triple H. Here are some highlights:

“In its continuing quest to make Paul “Triple H” Levesque a viable movie star, WWE casts the hulking wrestler in yet another ex-con role in “Inside Out,” sandwiching him between Michael Rapaport and Parker Posey, arguably two of Hollywood’s quirkiest supporting players. But their flakiness effectively plays off the taciturn, muscle-bound Levesque, whose cliched choice to go straight or crooked, juxtaposed with Rapaport’s loose-cannon loquaciousness, turns moral questions into an entertaining vaudeville routine. Veering crazily in tone, “Inside Out” might fail to catapult its star into wider acceptability, but should delight fans of lightly absurd actioners upon its limited Sept. 9 release.”

The NY Times:
“If Paul Levesque, the professional wrestler better known as Triple H, hopes to follow the career path of, say, Dwayne Johnson, who is now a credible action-adventure leading man, he’s going to need movies a lot better than “Inside Out” to do it. Shooting for stoic, Mr. Levesque only delivers inert. And the plot devolves into a tangle of dithering story lines. The film could really have used some better-focused, more believable scripting. Perhaps for Mr. Levesque’s next project one of the “WWE SmackDown” writers will have some free time.”

  • WWE are shit at producing Wrestling these days, never mind trying to make Films. WTF!!!!!!

  • Bawb

    Rock is a decent actor. So basically, if he’s not trying to be the Rock, he’s not trying to be a decent actor? Because the whole “I don’t want to be the action star type that Rock is” is a dumb thing to say, especially when you’re that bulky. You can either act or you can’t. Funny thing is that HHH can act fine within the WWE, and I thoroughly enjoyed his performances throughout the Attitude Era. But when he, and other wrestlers, take it to the big screen, they feel like they have to really try because they’re in a movie. Then again, the WWE Films writers are shit, so it’s not completely his fault.

  • J.Geaves

    I would have to agree with Bill. If the WWE were to look at how the superstars can act and find roles to suit what they can do they could pull of so much better movies.

    They wouldn’t of brought out the film Behind Enemy Lines 3 with Mr Kennedy in. Which was a bad film.

  • Bill

    I personally think that WWE shouldn’t make “wholesome family movies”. At least make PG-13 movies(that are actually PG-13, nit just that because of a gun or two). Make a Hangover-like comedy or something with a funny, believable guy like CM Punk or something. Triple H, Randy Orton, & John Cena are only good at acting when it comes to one thing….. being themselves. They are only good in their on-screen roles(maybe not Cena & Orton), nothing else. Big Show’s pretty funny, just don’t make movies that involve his size. How about Randy Orton is an insane bounty hunter who goes after his former parter or something? WWE films should reflect the WWE itself, not be Wal-Mart exclusives.

  • Trixie

    I hope you meant “princess”.

    I just think the whole wwe movies thing is so stupid. The only thing those movies do in the mainstream entertainment business is make them look even more like a joke. They really should just stop, and focus on their ACTUAL product and make that great.

  • Nick Is Awsome

    if he keeps making bad wwe movies he should just bury his acting career. He doesnt need the money anyways he knocked up the billion dollar princes and he is going to be running the company eventually especually since shane o mack decided to take his career in a different direction

  • mabry

    I dont think HHH buries people….

  • Paton

    HHH also said he doesn’t bury people

  • venom

    HHH said in an interview that he’s not trying to be like The Rock.