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– WWE Champion The Miz spoke with The Miami Herald this week. Here are some highlights:

Fans’ reaction to him:
“The fans always cheer me at events like Axxess or the press conferences. Then at live events they boo me, but show me the respect I deserve. They didn’t do that three years ago, when they literally hated me and couldn’t stand me. They changed the channel, when I was on TV. Now I think I’m starting to earn their respect, which is good.”

The Rock:
“The Rock was my favorite growing up. He has always been my favorite. I was able to get in there and upstage him and literally show him that I’m better. It’s like when you see an icon or someone you idolize when you are younger. Then you are in the ring with him and are able to show him up. To show everyone you are better than your idol, there is nothing better than that.”

WrestleMania 28 in Miami:
“I will still be the main event. I plan on still being the WWE champion. I plan on being the longest reigning WWE champion of all time. It’s just the type of person I am. I am always aiming to be number one and the best. So I will be the champion, the main event and everything everyone else isn’t.”

  • Keyla

    He was in character in that interview, most of the time anyway. I actually like Miz, he is way better than Cena. IMO!

  • M.C.

    Face turn! I’m calling it for miz.

  • venom

    He was definately in character because he is not going to beat Bruno’s record.

  • TG

    @ finallythekingjoinsin
    Yea he seem like he started the interview off as Mike then switched to The Miz real quick.

  • Peep it

    Wow this miz guy sure is a cocky fuck. Is he better than the rock. Ah no. Staying power maybe. Will we remember his name out side of the WWE NO. The Rock is global and have diversified outside of his wrestling career. I guess where your trying to be someone who your not you got to talk trash to boost yourself. Ya your awesome. And you absolutely suck.

  • JipC

    upstage the rock? the miz is a popcorn fart just like all the rest of the wwe “superstars”. feel sorry for the people that missed WRESTLING from 1995-early 2002. Since then, WWE has had some good moments, but it has turned into an overly produced and poorly acted soap opera that sucks massive penis. Miz and Cena cant hold a candle to the great one. Nor are they good enough hold the people’s jockstrap are wipe they people’s ass. Cant believe Rock is gonna job to this fool at next year’s mania. what a joke. wrestling sucks cock now

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    Anybody agree that Miz is switching in an out of character

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