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The Miz Explains Why He Was Fired (Video), Cena Talks MLB Wildcard Race

– “Former” WWE star The Miz explained on his 1st and Awesome Sirius satellite radio show this week exactly why he was fired by Triple H:

– WWE champion John Cena weighed in on the very eventful night of baseball Wednesday night to conclude the MLB regular season and determine which teams are headed to the playoffs. After Cena’s hometown Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves both lost their games in dramatic fashion to end their seasons, Cena tweeted:

“Smoking gun! What a night for baseball! Congrats to cards and rays. Atl and boston radio gonna be interesting tomorrow.”

Cena grew up near Boston and is a big Red Sox fan – and currently lives near Tampa and also supports the local Tampa Bay Rays.

  • phoenix

    You can’t be a RedSox fan and root for another team that’s blasphemy!

  • Themark

    Stop with the badly done “reality” angles. Even a 5 y/o lil jimmy would know its a work. At least punk and mitb kept us guessing.

  • LocoCoco21

    One hell of a promo… Miz is awesome!

  • Ic-Y

    Slegehammer a ref, punch a ref, pedigree a ref, smacked a ref, kneed a ref, elbowed a ref, low blow a ref, knocks out a ref for about 20 minutes,send a ref to the hospital… and yet he “fires” The Miz. The storyline makes no sense what so ever.