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  • daniel

    i love this photo the miz portrays a great heel but out the back it’s a different story anyways who woulnt love to go outback & meet some of the talent get some photo’s & autographs so to the haters if someone said to you “heres an all access pass to go out back” would you say no i wouldnt

  • TomC

    Seriously, who WOULDN’T take an offer to go backstage and meet ANY of the talent – no matter how much you dislike their “in ring” persona?

    Have to give The Miz kudos for this one.

  • nicholas

    the miz must of just raped the miz girls mom and was trying to run away with his hookers and saw the miz girl and is trying to ko her so he can rape her to lol just kiding but thats cool

  • daniel

    kinda looks photoshopped…or maybe miz is in a rush to the toilet

  • cdr12245

    The Miz is Awesome and so is the Miz-Girl

  • Obviously these two are related or something. Background check please.

  • Starship Pain

    Aaawwww, she’s so cute.

  • Andrew

    TRAITOR!! lol no but really, Miz is definitely a class-act champ for sure.

    Side-Note: I lol’d at the background

  • damkat

    lol..the Miz shuld be hugging her, she made his Win all that much better.

  • Kim

    I saw this picture before. It is very cute.

  • eric

    miz looks like he has to take a dump

  • Buttercastle

    I wonder if she got to keep that slammy?