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– Wade Barrett was asked on Twitter why he wraps his knuckles. He replied:

“I wrap my fists, but my knuckles are always bare. Wrapping my fists compacts the metacarpal bones in my hand, which leads to a harder punching surface and a reduced risk of injury.”

– The local wrestler who Jack Swagger defeated before Tuesday’s WWE TV tapings in Birmingham was Dutch wrestler Emil Sitotci. Sitotci was trained by NXT star Kassius Ohno, Mike Quackenbush and Mexican star Jorge Rivera. Sitotci has been wrestling since 2001.

– WWE officials are considering having The Miz as the final member of Team Foley at Survivor Series. Miz could be in line for a babyface run or there may be a swerve in the works with him staying as a heel.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • eric

    Yeah hope he stays heel. will admit he is good heel. don’t really know if he can be beievable babyface. when wwe had john morrison go from heel to face. morrison babyface was not so good. heel morrison with mnm or in single competion could talk. face morrison could not. mccool was bad lousy face good interesting heel. some superstars can be good top heels or babyfaces as hbk was great face or heel in his over 23 yr career in wwe. then some superstars are bad faces. i will just wait and see. love push wwe is giving ryback. even little kids wearing cena shirst. were chanting pro ryback feed me more chants. real fans! cena got no reaction last night. every person young and old were chanting for ryback. ryback is getting 100percent of crowd behind him. something cena can only dream about. cena it is 50/50 mix reaction. ryback it is 100percent of crowd reaction for him. i see new face of wwe in ryback. ryback is what vince mcmahon likes he is jacked up 6ft5 275 powerhouse. powerhouse superstars do alot better job in wwe. than small wrestlers. that is fact. over past 20 yrs i see more big powerhouse wrestlers win wwe title. than small wrestlers. ryback is doing something most young guys can only dream about doing getting over in big way. cena wishing he got 100 percent of real fans in seats to cheer him.

  • Lord KGM

    Too many heels? Really? Im not even going to continue with this post. Thats the problem with WWE, listening to you all whine about stuff that is in place pretty well…done deal Lord KGM

  • Jimbo

    You are all giving WWE writers too much credit. They clearly have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to the Survivor Series match.

  • atarasievich86

    I’d like to see del rio taken off of team ziggler and christian be added to it then miz added to team foley

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory

    Miz lost the IC title for a reason…because he will be elevated in some sort to the main event scene again. What better way than to have him join team foley and have him be a lone survivor on his team, pinning ziggler last!!!!

  • Prince

    I want either Miz, so he turns face, or the return of Y2J. I’d rather see Christian return in a different way, but it’s possible.

  • atarasievich86

    If he stays heel he will screw over team ziggler. If he becomes face he either wins the match for team foley or he saves someone on the team by getting eliminated or them or jumping in the way of a shot ment for them.

  • Sammo

    I was thinking it’s about time for Christian to return to TV and join Team Foley…

    But Miz has gotta play a role at Survivor Series somehow. He is the guy on the poster after all.

  • simon07

    I thought he didn’t want to join team Punk because he didn’t like Punk? So he’ll probably just rejoin it now that it’s team Ziggler.

  • Mark

    Agree Miz seems to have got lost as a heel

  • sam

    its time for the miz to turn face, theres too many better heels now

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