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The Miz Needs a Honky Tonk Man like Intercontinental Title Run to Cement his WWE Legacy

The Miz has been in the WWE for 10 years now. Making the transition from reality TV star to WWE wrestler. While it was not all smooth sailing, The Miz is now regarded as one of the current WWE experienced wrestlers, often booked to help up and coming and newly signed stars. The Miz has held nearly every title in the WWE including the major WWE Title in November 2010 by cashing-in his Money in the Bank. He is the 25th WWE Triple Crown Champion. He has had some great tag team pairings with John Morrison, Big Sow and R-Truth, and given the opportunity to host his own interview segment Miz TV and the Dirt Sheet (with John Morrison). But even with his WWE title, the 5 Intercontinental Titles, 6 Tag Team titles, 2 US titles and the MITB win, The Miz has still yet to cement himself as a wrestling star, more a talented WWE superstar. What The Miz needs, in his 10 year anniversary in the WWE, is a major, memorable and successful title run. A run similar to what the Honky Tonk Man did in 1987.


The Honky Tonk Man today would be a major gimmick wrestler, possibly falling into the same category as the likes of Fandango, The Funkasaurus (Brodas Clay), or Santino. Even in the 1980’s he was more gimmick then wrestler. But what lifts The Honky Tonk Man above many in the gimmick filled 1980’s is his 64 week (454 day) Intercontinental Title run from 1987-1988. After beating Ricky The Dragon Steamboat, The Honky Tonk Man would battle and defend the title against the likes of Brutus The Barber Beefcake, George The Animal Steel, Billy Jack Haynes and Macho Man Randy Savage. While the majority of The Honky Tonk Man’s matches ended in disqualifications, count outs or interference and cheating, the fact that The Honky Tonk Man kept the title frustrated and intrigued fans. We all wanted to see him get defeated, and despaired when he kept escaping with the title. This is what The Miz Needs….


The moment The Miz cash-in his MITB to win WWE Championship from Randy Orton in 2010, his career has been on a downhill slide with moments of rise halted by poor luck or creative. The Miz’s major WWE title run was over shadowed, (by John Cena and The Rock), and his main title defence and feud was against Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler! A promising strong dominating tag team with R-Truth was halted due to an R-Truth violation suspension, and a strong first intercontinental run (where he defeated Christian, Rey Mysterio and won a fatal 4-way) was ended by Kofi Kingston. Then came his ill-fatal face turn, which was very poorly received. A return to heel and great slow build feud with “Mizdow” was ruined by a poor end to  this great feud. His last Intercontinental title run (before this current win) lasted less than a week, winning and losing the title to Wade Barrett at and straight after Wrestlemania.



The Miz needs to hold this Intercontinental Title until at least next year’s Wrestlemania, and he needs to defend it on every PPV of the year. He needs to defend it against the likes of his Payback opponent Cesaro, not the likes of Zac Ryder. The Miz needs over the next 12 months come up with unique ways  to win matches, from holding ropes and tights, interference from his new (and wife) valet Maryse, getting Disqualified and counted out etc. The Miz has the perfect persona and arrogance to fulfil 12 months of battling all challenges, and has enough of a skill set and ability in the ring to have some great matches. His arrogant attitude in holding the title would infuriate fans, especially those believing the title should be given to the likes of Owens, Zayne, Neville etc, and this makes for a great heel champion. The Miz needs string of great feuds and matches to remind fans of what he was doing 5 years ago, and why he was winning the WWE title.



Hooroo and see you next week

Craig Higham