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Miz Promotes ‘be a STAR’, Martha Hart’s Lawsuit Against WWE, More

– WWE has published a “Where Are They Now” piece on Harvey Whippleman.

– Embedded in the video below is footage of The Miz spreading the word about the ‘be a STAR’ campaign at Ross Elementary School.

– Sgt. Slaughter, Jake Roberts and one-time WCW wrestler turned actor Tyler Mane will be appearing this weekend at the Mad Monster Party horror convention in Charlotte, NC.

– Martha Hart’s lawsuit against WWE for using Owen Hart’s name and likeness as well as personal photos of Hart’s family in the “Hart & Soul” WWE DVD will go to trial in June unless a settlement is made.

  • Omar

    Honor him? WWE is making money on his name. They took the man away from his family. If the family doesnt want him mentioned, they shouldnt mention him.

    It is not that difficult, they are doing a fine job doing so with Benoit.

    Fans dont come first. Company doesnt come first. Family, wife, children…they come first.

  • eamonn h

    Nah cant agree with you as where you get the WWE AND HONOUR BULL from is beyond me.

    You call on her to “quit the badblood” same can be said about WWE as they still wont induct Macho Man and he did as much if not a little more than Owen for the company and where’s this honour thing you team up with WWE for him?

  • Rilwan Prince

    Really? Seems like someone is just after money. Everything WWE try to do honour Owen Harts name, she want’s to sue. The accident is sad, but it wasn’t WWE’s fault. The cord could of messed up on anyone and unfortunately it was Owen. Quit the bad blood and lets see Owen career remembered and respected by everyone by inducting him the HOF

  • Jason Lentini

    Ughhhhhhhh such a gold digger, Martha is a Hart by NAME only. I’m sure the rest of the Hart family (bloodline) would have ZERO issue with using Owen’s name & likeness. Martha just needs to go the hell away forever.