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Miz Says JBL Didn’t Always Haze Him, Recalls Genuine One-upmanship With Daniel Bryan

– In an interview with the Baltimore Sun Ring Posts blogger Kevin Eck WWE Champion The Miz revealed that JBL wasn’t alawys hazing him backstage. “It’s funny with JBL,” Miz said. “In front of all the boys back in the day he would always be making fun of me or saying [imitating JBL’s voice], ‘Miz, I look forward to your amazing work. You’re a gift from God.’ But whenever no one was around, he would come up to me and say, ‘You’re doing a good job.’

“He’d always give me a little pat on the back. Most people think he was really, really bad to me and this kind of stuff – and, granted, there were times – but there were also times when he sat me down and said, ‘Listen, you’re doing a good job. This is what you’re doing wrong. This is what you have to do to get to the next level.’ So he has helped me as well.”

Miz also talked about his relationship with Daniel Bryan during season one of NXT, saying that they legimately tried to one-up one another. “We were very cordial with each other, but you could tell on the inside that we were both trying to one-up one another because I thought I was better than him and he thought he was better than me,” said Miz. He also went on to say, “I thought I was better than him just because I’ve been in WWE for four years now and how long had he been in WWE? Zero time. He basically performed in front of 25 people at a bingo hall and was called the best in the world…”

You can read the full interview here.

  • Dan

    Miz can piss off, Bryan Danielson IS the best wrestler in the world and it didn’t take 4 years in the WWE to make people believe it.

  • Treg

    Is this interview semi-in-character or something? O_o

  • nnla

    I don’t like his character but the guy is showing more class as you said (@centerman). I actually enjoy his interviews off WWE television.

  • Devil_Rising

    Yeah. Real classy. Bryan Danielson has been wrestling way longer than him, and has wrestled in front of huge crowds in Japan and other places in the world. He helped build ROH into what it is today. He probably single handedly helped keep some Indy promotions alive. The man deserves being called at least ONE of the best in the world. Yet Miz, unless that’s in character, honestly seems to think it was nothing.

    That’s like saying guys like Steve Corino were nothing, because they didn’t have any HUGE runs in any of the major promotions. That’s like saying that a guy like Ultimo Dragon “hasn’t done much”, just because WWE didn’t use him at all. Or Jushin Liger for that matter.

  • centerman

    The Miz is more and more classy the more you learn about him. Deserving guy.