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The Miz to Star in WWE Studios’ “The Marine 3: Homefront”

After a great deal of speculation as to who will star in the upcoming WWE Studios movie, The Marine: Homefront, is now reporting that the lead role will be played by The Miz.

At one point, Cena was considered for the movie with the idea that he would pick back up where the first Marine movie left off. Randy Orton was then attached to the movie, but WWE pulled Orton from the movie due to Orton being kicked out of the Marines when he was younger and the Marines he served with complaining about a “deserter” portraying a Marine in WWE’s movie.

Other wrestlers under consideration for the lead role have included CM Punk, JTG, Cody Rhodes and a few others.

The plot of the film will be a Marine trying to rescue his kidnapped daughter from a terrorist.

Shooting begins in June in Vancouver, British Columbia.

  • Loopy420

    The marines are a joke anyways

  • Billy Zane

    Not like Cena or Ted JR. was a Marine.


    So the marines complained about Orton being a “deserter” but are ok with someone who wasn’t even a Marine at all to play the role? hmm..

  • Buttercastle

    @Sammo that would be fantastic.

  • Sammo

    They could have the Slammy Award winning “Miz girl” play his daughter!

  • Gives him something to do.

  • Splash

    This movie will be so bad it’ll skip the theatres, blu-ray, dvd and will be straight to VHS.

  • JohnCena33

    I dont think this movie will be that good. If Cena or Orton was in it it probably would be better, or The Rock who would make it a great movie.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    The guy is horrible at acting. So fucking hammy and has the dumbest facial expressions. Can’t wait.

  • RPM

    not like the miz is being used, keep him off TV to do 15 marine movies if you want maybe he will learn to stop botching then.

  • TrevorAllen23 @Twitter

    This will be… AWESOMEEE!!!