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The Miz to Make a Statement on RAW, WrestleMania Axxess News, Christian, Mania

– Christian will be appearing at the FCW show in Orlando, Florida on May 18th.

– There are already reports of fans having problems ordering the HD version of WrestleMania 28 on pay-per-view.

– The Fink announced on Twitter that he will be doing a live version of “Out Think The Fink” during the WrestleMania Axxess sessions in Miami this coming week. WWE announcer Scott Stanford revelaed that he has just been added to the Axxess festivities.

– The Miz says he will be making a statement on Monday’s RAW Supershow. He wrote yesterday:

“A statement will be made on #Raw, @WWERawGM. I guarantee it. #MizMania”

  • adam

    He will turn face and join Team smackdown as there final member. Even though smackdown wont win. If they did Miz could always go see its all because of me Its your fault your team lost Johnny because you didnt have the common sense to put me on your team. Because im the Mi and I’m Awesome.

  • heyfit

    it doesnt matter who will win, none of them can even wrestle, divas would do better match

  • XX

    @therealchigagomadepunk you do realise that cm stands for chick magnet not chicago made right?

  • brian_sXe

    I think Miz will be the 6th member of team Johnny.
    At Mania Miz wil make the deciding pinfall so the Miz wil get his heat back..

  • Prince

    I agree Bill, and since Team Long has no chance of winning I don’t see it happening. But if they were turning Miz face, he’d definitely need to win. Otherwise it’s pointless.

  • Bill

    If Miz does turn face, which would be VERY interesting, then they definitely need to have him get the winning fall at Mania. Plus, he oughta start being more fun on the mic. Many have compared him to the Rock, so why not make his promos more electrifying & make “I’m The Miz, & I’m Awesome!” a popular catchphrase, too? He definitely needs it.

  • TheRealChicagoMadePunk

    Obvious that mix will become face and join team circus. I mean team long.

  • rabid

    The miz has become stale… Whether hes the champ, not the champ,in a tagteam its all the same.. look at all the main superstars on tv right now and each character has evolved even cena might be a small amount but it has happened. The miz hasnt, in my opinon he had a great chance with r truth and even after that ended he still had a chance to make ppl notice and he failed

  • nick

    miz actually deserved a match at mania,