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The Miz Talks About Change to Good Guy Role for Marine 3 Movie

The Miz talked about how he handled the transition to a good-guy role for WWE Studios’s “Marine 3” movie during an interview with the Times Record News.

“I derived that character from a bunch of old movies … a lot of Paul Newman movies. I haven’t played a good guy in seven years.”

Miz credited Billy Kidman for keeping him going even when everyone else thought he should quit during his time in developmental.

“It was brutal just having people tell you you’re not going to make it. But that was the fuel,” Miz said. “One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten was from Billy Kidman, who said, ‘Stick with it.'”

  • sam

    the miz is a character who is long overdue a turn, same with cena. but we all know which one of them is more likely

  • xXx

    kane and bryan should stick at being tweeners.. its not time to turn miz face yet since he’s still in a slump. give him a little push and he’ll be on a roll again. make orton and hunter heels. though hunter being heel will prolly get comparisons to vinny

  • Sammo

    @Robinson… ” YOU’RE” a bigger idiot.

  • Robinson

    @Tombstone…. Your an idiot

  • Miz and bryan need face turns and hhh and orton needs to be heels.

  • Bill

    Really?(no pun intended) Miz isn’t boring. I’d like to see him go for a face run. WWE’s been essentially the same for the past 2 or 3 years. We need new stars & different faces & heels.

  • Tombstone

    FIRST! Miz personality is almost as boring as DelRitos.