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The Miz Talks About His WWE Career, Roman Reigns And Daniel Bryan

The Miz recently spoke with about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On his WWE career:

“As a seasoned veteran in the WWE, I look in that locker room and there is barely anybody–I think there are two people–who have been in the WWE longer than I have,” said the Miz. “And this is coming from a person who was supposed to be fired within three months of being in the WWE. A person that was kicked out of the locker room–and brought back in, thank God–after a year of changing in bathrooms and areas you couldn’t even imagine. The fact is it’s an honor and a privilege to be here. A lot of people think I shouldn’t be here. I was supposed to be fired, but I wasn’t, because I can do this.”

On Roman Reigns:

“You know, you boo Roman Reigns, but there is no denying his athletic talent. The only reason you guys don’t like him is because you think the company is giving him the rocket, but the fact is the guy deserves it. He has a coolness, and he’s calm, cool, collected in that ring. As much as you want to boo him, the fact still remains that guy is talented, he’s tough, and he’s very good at what he does.”

On Daniel Bryan:

“Any time you’re in Seattle and you’re with Daniel Bryan, there is something electric in that arena,” said the Miz. “I remember when they were combining the world heavyweight championship and the WWE championship. It was Randy Orton versus John Cena, and the only thing the audience would chant was ‘Daniel Bryan’ throughout the entire show. It was incredible.

“I remember when he first came to NXT, and people doubted him. He overcame that underdog status and became one of the biggest WWE superstars of all time. He’s personally one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met in my entire life, and he’s always working hard to make everyone better inside the ring and out of the ring. To see and watch him retire before he wants to retire–because I know there’s nothing more that he wants than to be in the ring and competing–and to watch him retire is scary and you don’t like it. But I’m also happy he found a way to just go on. I’m happy he found out before anything really, really bad could happen. I just hope and pray that he’ll be OK, and his brain will be sent off to amazingness, because of the fact he retired. But we all know he’ll be missed in this WWE ring.”

You can read the entire interview here.