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The Miz tells Daniel Bryan, “Trade me to Raw”

The Miz, in the kayface contract negations between himself and SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan, has ‘dared’ the recently retired champion to trade him to Raw:

The problem with having this [Intercontinental] title is sometimes the General Manager or the Commissioner don’t give you the proper showcase it deserves. And I’m sick and tired of turning my back and being complacent where I am in the WWE. I’m not happy where I am, and I think any WWE Superstar shouldn’t be happy unless they are on top – unless they are the biggest showcase that WWE has, that SmackDown Live has. And I think that I have that talent. I know I have that talent, I don’t think, I know I have that talent. And I’m sick and tired of Daniel Bryan pushing me back, and pushing me back, and pushing me back.

Daniel Bryan is an immense talent in the WWE ring. He is a terrible, terrible General Manager. He thinks with his heart. You should be thinking with your brain. It’s a business mind. Heart is out there in the WWE ring, somewhere Daniel Bryan isn’t allowed to be any more. The brain is what the General Manager needs, to know where his talent is at and how to showcase that talent. Bad General Manager.

You don’t like me Daniel? Trade me. Trade me to Raw… Because I guarantee you, Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon will open their arms to me because they have business minds. They’re very, very smart.

But you Daniel? You Shane? Doing nothing to give me what I want. And it’s not much. It really is not much. I just want it all. And I should have it all, because I am that talent that can lead SmackDown Live to have higher ratings than it ever had – higher than Raw… people want to see me.

 The full video is here: