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The Miz Wants the World Heavyweight Title, Dolph Ziggler Talks About Bullying

– Dolph Ziggler spoke with CBS Pittsburgh earlier this week about bullying:

“I was lucky enough to not be bullied, but I was around it and I’ve seen it happen and I’ve seen people just stand around and do nothing. It’s not that you are as bad as the bully, but you are not helping, so find a way.”

– The Miz spoke with The Khaleej Times about one of his goals he has in WWE:

“I’ve held every single title besides one: the World Heavyweight Championship. I’m a four-time Tag Team champion, two-time United States champion, two-time Intercontinental champion, one-time WWE champion, two-time Slammy Award-winner. Every opportunity I get, I’m taking, and when I get the opportunity to go for the World Heavyweight Championship, guess what? I’m taking it.”

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I agree 100%, BUT, at this moment in time Punk was already a 2 time WHC, IC champ, 2 time MITB winner and a Tag Team Champion. Miz, was what; Tag Team champ, MITB and US champ. Punk had already gotten his opportunities and I feel it was really immature in his dvd to put the Miz down because Punk wasn’t given ANOTHER opportunity. Even Cena said it best, Punk had all this hype from the Indie days and then he shows up and everybody is just like… meh. I understand Punk wrestled longer, but IMO it don’t mean shit until you get to WWE, bc until that point your kind of like an amateur. There’s been so many wrestlers that have had these “great careers” and then as soon as they get to WWE they’re flops ya know, and its not always WWE fault.

  • millerj265

    I think punk was trying to get across the point that he had been doing this much longer then Miz, and that he had proven time and time again that he could be the guy in that spot, and every time he did what he was asked to do and produced probably far above what the wwe expected he could do, he was nvr rewarded for his efforts or acknowledged for being as great as he is and the opportunities he had rightfully earned were passed on to other ppl who fit the wwes mold of what a top guy should look and act like. Miz is far better then anyone would have ever expected him to be, that I cant ever deny or take away from him. But punks point was that he had been busting his ass and killing it in every single situation he was put in and as good a bad guy as Miz was, punk was just better, and that’s what pissed him off, punk was over as a heel and the best one in the company by miles and they passed on him to face Cena and gave it to Miz. I cant blame the guy for being pissed either, he had break out moment after break out moment yr after yr, and the Miz has a break out moment for the first time ever in his career and the wwe looks at him, then they look at punk and they go Miz looks really good in a suit, were going with him, sry punk we know you have produced in the exact same way Miz has just way more times but he fits the mold of a top wwe main eventer and you don’t. That’s what burned punk up inside, that Miz was chosen because he looks better in a suit and is a more presentable guy at PR events, but not because he was better then punk.

  • JohnCena33

    The Miz would be better than Alboring Burrito.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Personally I like the Miz; He’s has charisma, looks comfortable about what he’s doing and seems to have a true love for the business. I feel he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. It really pisst me off in CM Punk’s documentary when he was bitching about Miz being in the main eventing WM27 and not him. I wont take anything away from Punk he is definitely one of the best wrestlers of anytime, but I thought he came of as to much like Bret Hart and saw himself as the only one who deserves to be Champion or main eventing. Like in Bret Harts documentary when he said that when he lost the IC title to the British Bulldog, that it was a greater achievement for him and seemed to only give himself credit as opposed to saying that It was great to have Bulldog win in his hometown. The Miz may not be the best or anywhere near it, but he gives his heart and soul for the business and loves what he does, even if he was only doing dark matches, as to where guys like Punk are complaining and IMO bitching because someone else was given an opportunity that he also worked hard for.