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The Miz’s to Undergo Evaluation, Former WCW Star Retires from Wrestling

– The Miz underwent Impact Testing backstage at Monday’s Raw after getting busted open the hard way from Kofi Kingston’s Trouble in Paradise. Miz is scheduled to undergo further evaluation on Tuesday after being knocked loopy in the match. Here is footage Kofi kicking Miz from Raw.

– Hector Garza was diagnosed with pulmonary cancer which is lung cancer mainly caused by smoking or inhaling other substances such as asbestos. Garza will have to go through six chemotherapy sessions to try to rid him of the disease which is forcing him into temporary retirement.


  • My Morning Jacket

    Hector was always one of my favorites. Get well brah!

  • David “Ranter”

    So kofi knocks his head in and gets a title fight still the next night for Main Event and still wins to? Seriously? I never thought I would say I felt sorry for the Miz as it pertains to the WWE but he became a good wrestler when everyone said he couldn’t. I’m not a Miz fan but he earned my respect for putting that much effort in to be that good. He promotes WWE constantly and now WWE does crap like this to him?

  • Kofi defeated the miz for the intercontinental title on main event I wonder if miz is injured.

  • I was kidding fuck boy.

  • i saw kofi kick miz when he kicked him it sounded like somebody shot a gun in the building i couldnt imagine how it felt

  • Jimbotron

    If it was against Orton or Cena, Kofi would have been fired by now.

  • TheSheepDog

    oh wow, you’re going to watch a reality tv programme to see the persons true self? sheesh

  • David “Ranter”

    Aparently nobody pays attention as it was intentional or was yet another typical blown move by Kofi. Miz’s momentum carried him right into the kick cause Miz didn’t bounce off the ropes right and he closed in on Miz before he even turned around which means Kofi meant to do it or dint pay attention that Miz didn’t bounce off ropes and jumped the gun on the kick. I seen this when I was watching Raw plain as day. Things like that are why kofi doesn’t get the big push even though all the kiddies love his “Boom Boom Boom”. I know btw its Miz’s fault to and it is somewhat but its the competitors job to pay attnetion so they don’t get hurt like that. Punk could have kicked Cena in his last match many times but pulled his kicks like he was supposed to and never even hit either GTS kick to his head first one was abdomen & chest the second was upper chest. Kofi and Sin Cara need to do moves more consistently.

  • Saw that shit earlier. Kofi kicked that nigga hard. I wonder if it was intentional. I did hear Miz is a dick. Shit Ima watch old Real World episodes to find out.

  • Robinson

    Miz just got knocked the fuck out!!! Dam that had to hurt.

  • Tony A.

    I guess Miz really pissed Kofi off.

  • misfit del rio

    Sucks for Hector, such a good cruiserweight, especially that corkscrew plancha he used to do. Just get healthy, don’t rush back into the ring, and god speed.