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Monday Night Raw crowd didn’t see Ultimate Deletion, cut from Hulu

WWE Ultimate Deletion

The Ultimate Deletion finally took place last night. The reappearance of the Hardy Compound, along with the rest of his characters, had been built up for a while, as Matt Hardy was teasing their return since last summer.

Hardy and Bray Wyatt’s match was the main event of Monday Night Raw, with the two taking each other on in a strange yet enjoyable supernatural battle. While it has been polarizing among fans, it definitely was a hit. However, some fans weren’t able to see the match, specifically those in attendance at Monday Night Raw last night.

According to¬†‘s Sean Ross Sapp, the Dallas crowd didn’t get to witness the Ultimate Deletion and instead saw Braun Strowman vs Elias.

It wasn’t just the Raw crowd that was left out of the match. If you aren’t able to watch Raw on Monday nights, and normally check out the show on Hulu, you’ll be heartbroken to find that nothing involving Bray Wyatt or Matt Hardy is on that version, as they have been cut entirely. That version of Raw ends with the six-man tag match between the Balor Club and the Miztourage.

While it’s possible to check out the match on other services, with the Ultimate Deletion appearing on WWE’s YouTube channel, it’s strange that anything involving the match was left off of the Hulu version, and even weirder that the crowd in attendance wasn’t able to see it.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I glad I didn’t watch it because have not like this storyline period. Thank goodness they didn’t do it at Wrestlemania.

  • ROB-1.

    People who did not watch it did not miss a thing, it was awful.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Have to agree, after a few good Deletion matches in TNA, this had to be the worse. The comedy was bad and not funny and clever like when Matt had full control in TNA. Not sure how they screwed it up but it turned out awful. Dog kennel/Pepper on a Pole match awful.

  • MindTricked

    I kind of wish I hadn’t seen it. While watching it, I was wondering how the live audience received it – good to know they didn’t have to suffer it. It was funny (not really in a good way), and it went on for far too long. I’d imagine that many in a live crowd would have been booing this and/or walking out.