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Monday Raw Segment Reportedly Designed to “Rip On” Jim Ross

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the “Red River Shoot-out” segment on this past Monday’s Raw was booked solely to “rip on” WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. The shoot out match was between Damien Sandow, dressed like a football player from Ross’ beloved Collegiate Football team, the Oklahoma Sooners, and former Texas Longhorn Mark Henry.

Meltzer writes,

“This [segment] came across like an excuse to rip on Jim Ross, which does get old given it’s been nearly a year since he’s been gone.

Layfield [JBL] made a remark about how nobody from Oklahoma knows barbecue.

I can get playing off Texas vs. Oklahoma for the live crowd and comedy, but it was really mean-spirited in the announcing on Oklahoma and I don’t know why if you’re WWE that you want to insult a fan base in any state.”

Many fans noticed the shot by JBL and Ross himself alluded to the comment in his most recent blog.

Vince McMahon’s past with Ross is well known, and it is also no secret he feeds JBL lines to use on commentary so this past Monday is likely to have been no coincidence.