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Monday’s Raw Lists Ryback As Undefeated, Meet Layla & R-Truth, More

– Layla and R-Truth will be appearing at the Verizon Wireless Store located at 1947 Mount Zion Road in Morrow, GA Saturday afternoon at 3pm.

– Here is the latest episode of WWE ’13 Inside the Ring with Bryan Williams:

– Ryback is being advertised for this Monday’s WWE Raw event in Charlotte, North Carolina as “The Undefeated” Ryback. Also advertised for the dark match main event is Ryback vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship.

  • Austin

    Do you think they would bill him as, “THE VENGEANCE SEEKING, LOOSER AT HIAC, RYBACK”?

  • Rocky sucks

    I’d like to hear more commentating from Bryan Williams he’s cool to listen to during that great wwe13 match with d Bryan and x-pac

  • Andrew

    or, in an effort to avoid spoiling their main event, they decided to keep him billed as “undefeated”?

  • Bubba Ho Tep


    Or, assuming that Brock does interfere, how about it’s to screw CM Punk since he’s got Heyman blowing his head up all the time with the “best in the world” crap? I mean, the last time I checked, Heyman was basically making Brock seem like the best there is and now he’s doing the same for Punk so Brock might come back to feud with Punk with Heyman being the connection. Meanwhile, we might also say that Ryback will hold the belt until the Royal Rumble, losing to The Rock, which will then set up Cena/Rock II at Wrestlemania with Cena getting the win.

  • Zedd

    This could just mean that Brock or someone screwed Ryback so no one wins the Hell In A Cell match

  • Shawn

    Why isn’t Jay Lethal in WWE? He’s helping with their games, he should be in the company. I bet AJ doesn’t want him there, huh?