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Monday’s Raw Rating and Viewership News

This week’s WWE Raw drew a 2.79 rating and averaged 3.99 million viewers for the 3-hour show. Raw did hours of, 4.07 million, 4.01 million and 3.89 million.

WWE pushed the “main event” Hell in a Cell contract signing and the announcement of Punk’s opponent throughout the show, so the third hour falling off once again is not a great sign.

  • KingAlbert

    Would TNA even draw 0.4 – 0.5 if they went 3 hours.

  • Tombstone

    ^^^^^ Being part of the IWC Does not mean I have to agree with the masses. And they are usually wrong.

  • JOE

    ^^^^aren’t you apart of the “IWC”????

  • Tombstone

    Finally, someone else says what I have been trying to tell the IWC for a couple of years now. You put it to words alot better tho. Thanks. Sadly nobody here will believe it though, It will be all Cenas fault and none of Punks. And your right it has been 330 days of the most boring title riegn in memory.

  • Ricardo

    @Bill: you clearly do not understand the most basic conversation, which makes me wonder which self-help manual told you it’s fine to spew out opinions as if you did. Cena announced Ryback as the top contender. Storyline wise, Cena gave his place to Ryback, under the assumption that Ryback is going to seriously hurt Punk in the cell. Cena did not argue that he had to face Punk in the final segment, and it’s kind of dumb to look surprised when he himself decided to step aside and let Ryback fight.

    As for the “nice to have someone new”, if we get to HIAC and the match sucks, as most of Punk’s matches suck, you’ll say “oh, it was too soon, Ryback wasn’t ready”. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s how the IWC and its idiotic fans are ruining wrestling.

  • Ricardo

    @ Paul E: The issue is not what will be WWE’s excuse, but IWC’s excuse. Once again, your sweetheart Punk buried the show. When Cena was always champion and you guys were always bitching about it, the show was in the 3.5’s. After 330 days of the most boring title reign in recent history, Raw hit one of the all time lows at almost 2.5.

    Still, we have people like @john who prefers to blame Cena. Sure, the guy who showed up at the end and spoke for 2 minutes was the one who made the ratings drop. Punk is heavily featured at all times, but surely he’s not to blame. Punk is always awesome. (Sarcasm alert.)

  • john

    when cena starts to speak i just mute the TV.. because you know he’s going to ramble on to hype his little kiddie fans up.. it’s getting old now!

  • Bill

    I hate how Cena argued that HE had to face Punk at HIAC, then announces Ryback as the challenger by acting all confident & happy. He should’ve at least looked surprised or something. Still, glad we have a new face in the main event.

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    What’s WWE’s excuse this time?