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Monday’s WWE Raw Rating Scores Low

Monday’s episode of Raw scored a 2.55 overall rating and 2.53 rating for the regular two-hour block. The overall rating was down 6 percent compared to a 2.72 rating last week.

Raw nearly scored a year-low, with only the October 22 episode scoring lower at a 2.49 rating.

As noted earlier, Raw averaged 3.44 million viewers. The show did 3.58 million first hour viewers, 3.37 million second hour viewers, and 3.36 million third hour viewers.


  • sam


    the third hour is not a myth. you look at the ratings since RAW went to three hours and you will see a rapid sharp decline. its not rocket science to know they need to get rid of the third hour, because the audience arent interested in a three tv show. its not a PPV.



  • Ricardo

    Myth #1 – The problem is PG
    Lie. PG has been around for years. Until 370 days ago, ratings were up above 3. In fact, they’ve been very stable in the 3.0-4.0 region since after the attitude era ended – including during Cena’s title reigns.

    Myth #2 – Nothing ever happens
    Lie. Changes in GMs, new characters in the main event (Ryback), very strong midcard (Ziggler, Barrett), McMahons off of TV, return of familiar faces (Lesnar, Heyman). More things are happening now than during the past 10 years.

    Myth #3 – Demographics
    Lie. WWE started going after other demographics than the 15-35 male a loooooong time ago. It would have true that they were alienating their audience ten years ago. Ten-year delayed effect? Yeah, right.

    Myth #4 – Third hour
    Lie. This is so stupid it hardly needs to be debunked. The third hour does not “dilute” viewers. If anything, it would concentrate them on certain parts of the show like the main event. The problem with that theory is that during the last 370 days the main event is loosing viewers.

    Myth #5 – All you need is edginess
    Lie. The times have changed. There is no guarantee that the people in the WWE today would know how to be edgy in a way that pleases the crowd. Simulating heart attacks is not “attitude”, it’s garbage – and it was recognized as such by most people.

    The right solution – Get rid of Punk
    True. It’s as simple as that. Punk is boring, rather than charisma he has an irritating personality, he has a dangerous ideology that turns tolerant people into intolerant assholes, and his wrestling style is so stale that he’s been doing the same moves and wrestling the same matches for 7 years. No one except the IWC cares about Punk. Most old-school fans I know, the real “attitude” ones, who remember the Stone Colds and the Goldbergs, only watch sometimes now, and they know who Cena, Orton and even Miz are, but they wouldn’t be able to pick Punk out of a line of identical jackasses.

    I’ve been watching wrestling for 25 years. I’ve seen stars rise and fall, and people being pushed to the moon without ever connecting to the audience (Sid, anyone?). I’m ready to bet 100 bucks with everyone that as soon as this horrible championship reign ends, and Punk goes back to sit on his couch drinking carbonated drinks, rating will increase immediately.

  • Will Henderson

    WWE isn’t happy until they reach what TNA Wrestling considers their normal average rating and that’s 1.0. Raw needs ether to lose an hour or shake up the format and just “reboot” everything and just retool the format of Raw and the superstars and divas gimmicks/characters. and try new things never been done in pro wrestling and even add more MMA like hype up and stuff and make the angles more “Real and gritty”. while we may not see TV 14, just make it a little edgy and in your face WWE.

  • cakes

    that’s a shame because the back and forth between Punk and Miz was great and if they continued with a heel Punk vs Face Miz…that feud has all the potential in the world

  • one mention to the above is ICP – i know a lot of “old school juggalos” who swear they are still juggalos but “only the old stuff”. Simply put, the audience grew and matured, growing out of it while the product failed to grow with that audience. So now there are a lot of younger ICP fans who listen for about 2 years, and even more juggalos who “Liked ICP at one time or another but not any more”. This is because the product failed to evolve with the audience, so even though they did attract new listeners, they never kept them for very long.

  • lazlo woodbine

    They need to get rid of that third hour.

  • The problem is demographics. They are alienating their own natural audience, failing to target new audiences and trying to appeal to people already locked in to other things to spend monday nights on. WWE needs to stop targeting UFC, NFL and NBA fans – and start targeting people who dislike those sports.

    The other problem is that WWE PG movement works to an extent: It does bring in a younger audience – one who grows out of it like a phase. This happens because as the audience grows and matures, the product doesn’t, so they lose that audience in 2 years and in that span of time, a new audience will line up. The problem is not lack of interest, it is holding attention once there is any.

    Think about anything which has seen the audience grow; but itself shrink in popularity because the “older fans” aren’t into it anymore. (we just grew apart mentality).

  • eahah

    3HR Raw sucks. It is so boring 90% of the 3Hrs.

  • Big T

    It is probably because nothing ever happens.

  • nick

    can it be any more simple of an answer?
    get rid of pg