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Monday’s WWE RAW Supershow Rating, Update on the WWE Network

– The October 17th WWE RAW Supershow from Mexico City did a 3.1 cable rating with 4,475,000 viewers. This week’s show did hours of 3.05 and 3.2.

– WWE issued a survey today wondering if fans would be willing to change their cable providers in order to get the new WWE Network.

The survey noted that WWE’s eight secondary pay-per-views would be featured on the network while the “big four” wouldn’t – Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series. This would be a change of direction from what was originally planned with all pay-per-views on the network.

Source: PWInsider

  • cenaWWE

    i have directv and i will not change just to see crappy edited shows that will still be pg fuck that

  • kennedyniles

    I wouldn’t switch, I just hope the channel is affordable

  • Rucdogg

    I wouldnt switch, the only reason I have Direct tv is because of NFL sunday ticket.If wwe is willing to pay all the cost of switching I may think about it tho

  • Ryan

    Sky have got an exclusive deal with WWE that lasts till at least 2014, from then on its up to WWE if they are to launch their channel on sky here, but if thats the case i could imagine the WWE network being part of the sky sports package thus not affecting the contract

  • Dave

    Shouldn’t be any problems with UK based WWE fans. Since our access is through Sky Sports and I believe the contract for Sky to show it is directly with WWE. In the USA WWE frequently changes which network it airs on, Spike TV, USA Network among others. And it never affects the international fans. However fans in the US would have to change to continue watching. The only way UK viewers would be affected would be if a different UK broadcaster were to buy up the rights to show it.

  • simon07

    Not a bad rating for a pre taped raw right?

    Also, a good move by wwe to switch it around with the ppv’s. It made no sence to offer their best ppv’s for free/ with subscription and then make people pay for the ppv’s that happen seemingly every two weeks.

    I don’t think i would pay extra for the network in England unless they put Raw and Smackdown on it. But if they offered most of the ppv’s for free with it i may be swayed. Hopefully if they do make it in England it will be part of the sports package. Also if its got quality shows on it i may pay a small amount for it i suppose.

  • Big Papa

    I have DirecTV, but the only choices I have where I live are DirecTV, Dish, and Comcast. I figure the WWE Network should be on all of those, at the very least I hope it will be on DirecTV, but I probably wouldn’t switch if it wasn’t.

  • Assassino

    or in Australia?

  • Sam

    Any ideas if this network will be on in the uk?

  • knightcon

    I’m not going back to cable. Mediacom is crap. I have Dish tand prefer it to directtv. If the WWE wants the network to be a big hit they’ll have to have it on one if not both the satellite companies

  • The “Kurt Angle” Kickout

    @ ## I only have DirectTV because of Sunday Ticket as well. You were able to get the NFL package on PS3? How did that work and is it coming back?

  • connect this

    Why the fuck would I change my cable provider for 1 fucking channel. WOW there market research is fucked up for sure.

  • ##

    I would change to get the network. I have directv ONLY because of the NFL package. Now hopefully it will be back on the PS3 next year so to get the WWE channel I would gladly switch but hopefully it’ll be on directv and time warner cable.