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Monday’s WWE Raw Supershow Scores High Rating

This week’s WWE Raw Supershow scored a 3.44 rating, which was up 8.5 percent compared to last week’s 3.17 rating for the MITB lead-in.

The 3.44 rating topped Raw after WrestleMania, which scored a 3.43 rating, and topped Raw after No Way Out last month, which scored a 3.42 rating. Monday’s Raw Supershow ranked #2 for the year, trailing Raw after the Royal Rumble, which scored a 3.55 rating.


  • pulgeezy

    It won’t be attitude era ratings that’s for sure.

  • john

    christ.. imagine what next weeks ratings will be.. can’t wait just hope wwe don’t ruin it

  • It was only high because you thought I was gonna debut.

    “Dean Ambrose is about to blow the doors off everything?”

  • @TrevorAllen23

    I think it’d be better if they just combined the shows, everyone is on a WWE Roster not RAW/Smackdown. Get rid of the World Title, Revamp the WWE Title and bring back the hardcore title 🙂 New Tag Division and it’ll be great again!

  • Bawb

    That’s not high by a long shot. It is highER but it is still shit. It will be worse once the RAW following the 1000th is void of the colorful ensemble from that one. WWE will revert to the same old crap, unfortunately. Like I keep saying, the writing is the be all end all and changing that is what will really make a difference.

  • Nick Kidd

    ^ All they need to do is put the wwe title on Tyson Kidd, and the ratings will go to 9.2+




    If next week doesn’t hit at least 4.5, then I should step in and get the pen to paper..