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Money in the Bank Returning to WrestleMania, Dusty’s Book for Kids, More

– WWE will return to Madison Square Garden with a Supershow on Sunday, March 18th. Tickets go on sale January 7th. The pre-sale begins January 4th and the code is WRESTLEMANIA.

– Jim Ross said on Twitter that he’s not on WWE TV because WWE is not high on his look plus officials like Michael Cole.

– The children’s book that WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes is currently working on will be released some time next year and is apparently titled “Red The Zebra.”

– As of this week, the plan is to bring WWE’s Money in the Bank match back to WrestleMania 28 in Miami. The match was not featured at this year’s WrestleMania event.

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  • Kamala’s Foot

    3 MITB matches a year. no complaints here. JR should get plastic surgery.

  • diz

    MITB needs to be a wrestlemania staple. As long as no one messes up like Swagger did at WM 26.

  • Nicholas

    I miss not having Money in the Bank at Wrestlmania. I mean it like something was missing at WM last year. No don’t like the whole King of the Ring PPV because it is like the Royal Rumble. Same thing just about to win the King of The Ring become WWE champion.

    I am beating if Cody in Money in the Bank he is my pick.

  • JIR

    If they are doing 3 MITB cases in 2012 I would make the WM case be against any champion any brand just to give it a little more meaning

  • Wellsy

    Does this mean they’re getting rid of the MITB PPV then? Or are they having 3 MITB matches a year? Because if they are, that sucks!

    They should bring back KOTR to take over MITB and have the winner face the champ of their choice at SummerSlam. Great way to build new talent. They did it for Brock and it made him huge. Then they just stopped doing it!

  • Devil_Rising

    GOOD. Taking MITB off of WM was the dumbest idea WWE had since getting rid of KOTR as a PPV event. KOTR was practically gift-wrapped for them to have a great annual inter-brand thing going on. But nope.

    And MITB was the one GUARANTEED entertaining match at WM for the last several years. WM 27 sucked in large part because there wasn’t even MITB to look forward to. Really….really shitty. WM 28 had better be good, SOMEHOW. Because the last few have been pretty terrible.

  • Edo. Risk

    No MitB PPV? I can live with that if they bring back KotR.

  • AUSTIN316

    I love that its going back to WM but now whats the point of MITB PPV?

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    Not high on JRs look? Have they seen Michael Cole? His face is annoyance.

  • Bill

    In the words of Stone Cold Steve Austin, my response to WWE’s thoughts on JR: WHAT?

  • JIR

    Cole is a good TV character what pisses me and a lot of people off is how he overkills the insults to JR, has never given an actual legitimate reason for hating D. Bryan, Not giving the Divas respect, annoying voice and general douchebaggery. We all know this whole voice of the WWE got to his head in real life

  • Conquistador #3

    What’s so great about Cole’s look? He looks like a fag.

  • Adam

    Good news on money in the bank match at mania it will give mid-carders who worked there ass’ off all year a match especially after we all know what main 3 matchs are most likely be. Hopefully someone like Cody Rhodes wins that match. Michael Cole gimmick is to be hated by fans so he doing his job and he is usually told what say, should use him more put over some more heels other than Miz & Del Rio.

  • Zane

    Seriously WWE officals are retarded they probably havent had the horrific experiance of trying to watch Raw and having Michael Cole bitch about every wrestler except The Miz for a whole two hours.