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Morale Down in TNA, Speculation on Hardy’s TNA Future, Borash Hurt, More

– Stan sent word that there was 9 minutes and 58 seconds of in-ring action on this past Thursday’s TNA iMPACT, down from 21 minutes and 18 seconds on the previous week.

– Jeremy Borash suffered a concussion from a Brother Ray kick at last week’s iMPACT tapings.

– The backstage morale after this past week’s iMPACT tapings was very low. People in TNA are down on the company’s direction more than ever.

– Wrestlers in TNA are under the impression that Jeff Hardy will be brought back as a babyface soon. No one expects him to be fired.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • elvisD

    I have an idea, Why doesn’t Tna just give up the whole, IM IN CHARGE AND ANYTHING I SAY GOES OR YOU”RE NOTHING IN THIS BUSINESS mindset, and maybe make the powers that be a fair and functionable people, Love Bishchoff, but hate to see him everyweek on the tube, and Hogan! I don’t know where to start on how much I hate him, Russo is the worst writer and his process of trying this company to new heights aren’t ever gonna cut it, this company was great before the Big 3 came there and now they are running it to the ground, we need new talent that gets the guys in the back, understands what works and rewrite this shizzah that has been on since THEY came on TV. Jeff Hardy! I could Hate on him all day, but maybe some time off, going to jail, face reality and time to wake up and grow into the man he has to be, maybe it won’t happen, maybe it will, but there is a little part of me that wants me to see him get better and live up to his legacy then teach the younger talent how to make it, hell even a role model, crazy I know, but he can teach so much to the younger talent, if he only tries, only time will tell

  • adam

    of course morale is down because they are following dixie carters rules to making a succusful wrestling company… Step one make things exicting by having the first few years bassed on the x-division which we will ignore soon after. Step 2 hire a bunch of wwe rejects and have them talk about wwe pretty much every day. Step 3A hire the biggest cancers in wrestling hogan bichoff and russo and have them run the company into the ground and step 3B have jeff hardy the drug addict barley be able to walk to the ring but still put him in the main event of a ppv. That smells like success to me.

  • Soulshroude

    A protege of Sting perhaps… Hardy may be a screw up, but they do have one thing in common… that quiet cool.

  • Devil_Rising

    Moral is ALWAYS down in TNA. Why? Because it sucks, that’s why.

    The only time TNA was worth half a damn, was the in between periods when Russo WASN’T there, and they put a strong focus on the X Division, and actual wrestling. Then they brought in a bunch of has beens, and hired Russo back, and brought in Hogan…I mean you name it.

    I actually like Bischoff, and think if it was just him calling the shots, things might’ve gotten better, because he had a good mind for the business. However, it isn’t just him calling the shots. It’s him, and Russo, and Jarret, etc. etc. Together, they make for a mighty tasty….shit sandwich.

  • slim 2.0

    TomC only appears when the ratings go up one point, and braggs their improving lol

  • how in the hell does jeff hardy still have a job. this is a slap in the face to all the tna wrestlers.

  • theviewtvshow
    argue with them fairy fluffers

    can avoid it all you want, ignorance wont make this go away

  • Dale

    Why the hell would someone name their ‘edge account about that crazy lady talk show, the view? name it something about ECW. ECW for life, dudes! Keep the peace, my friends.

  • M.C.

    @the view, who the hell are the fanboys? I don’t know. who the hell are the jackasses? you & Michael cole.

    We are cole miners!

  • theviewtvshow

    just stay here with your two fansboys

  • theviewtvshow

    you cant constantly argue with me, i’m not the only one with the same opinion, maybe dixie can hire you, to stop the 1000’s of fans pounding her on a daily basis :D, if your not soft goto the club and argue your point, i bet your scared, and will run with your tail between your legs..

  • ‘bill sucks’ sucks!

    @theview, what the hell is wrong with TomC? You say he should defend TNA, which you think is a turd, & then you make a suggestion for the turd? quit being an idiot, your opinion means nothing to anyone since you’re crap. get bent, loser…

  • theviewtvshow

    Tna should start listening to its fans, especially the 100’s and 1000’s pounding dixie on twitter

  • theviewtvshow

    :D, tomC will say everything is ok in Tna now, just ask him, he will defend his turd

  • theviewtvshow

    wont matter, he going to jail hahaha

  • Bill

    The situation in TNA is bad. In 2008, it was great. Sure, a lot of things were pretty cheesy, but that’s what made it fun. Sharkboy, AJ Syles, & everything in between made TNA, well…..TNA. It was original. The 6-sided ring, Ultimate X, Lethal Lockdown. Now, none of that has that same luster since TNA lost the luster. TNA is basically WWE Superstars with 1999-2001 WCW management. Everyone in the company thinks they will fail. If you think something will happen, it WILL happen. Chris Jericho says this all the time. TNA needs passion for their business. It looks as if they aren’t even trying. They can still turn it around, but only if they can turn their act around.

  • bad obsession

    hardy’s not getting fired? big surprise. once again prince jeff gets anything he wants under the sun. hey anyone remember when tna was good? the weekly ppv days? raven in the title hunt, the amw triple x feuds? when Joe was actually used for good storylines? everything hogan touches gets ruined! go away!

  • mj

    So hardy is going to get a second chance after fucking up? It doesn’t surprize me Dixie signed Scott Hall and X-pac so many times it’s horrible! Look at how many times they’ve no showed ppv’s and they still kept comming back! Jeff has a wife and a lil girl now he needs to grow the FUCK UP! He’s acting like a reckless Teenager who has nothing to lose and it’s upsetting!

  • good i hope jeff hardy wips all of immortals asses

  • jim

    Date: Mar 19, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    So, let me get this straight, one of their employees comes to work under the influence and does NOT get fired.. only TNA =\
    it has happend in wwe before as well..RW hawk had a habit of coming to shows blitzed out of his mind.

  • Treg

    So, let me get this straight, one of their employees comes to work under the influence and does NOT get fired.. only TNA =\

  • Truthiness

    Normally I’m annoyed by Stan’s time reports, but less than 10 minutes in a 2 hour show? People complain about WWE’s lack of wrestling? Really? Look what Hogan and Bischoff have done to TNA.

  • cheesehandler

    guess borash should watch his statements…karmas a bitch

  • CC

    @Chris. If it is a storyline then the only thing it has achieved is to piss people off, and potentially lose them viewers.

    This is what pisses me off with both TNA and WWE. Just cause someone is a main eventer, they shouldnt get a slap on the wrist then be put straight back in the title hunt.
    I remember when Rey Mysterio was suspended due to violating the wellness policy, then comes back and gets put straight into a title feud.
    If you are going to punish someone, punish them and then make them work to get back into the main event, not hand it back to them on a plate.
    When mid carders end up being jobbed out or fired when they fuck up, its unfair that the guys who are the faces of the companies get treated so mildly when in essence them fucking up is a lot more damaging to the company.

  • kalel

    its a work,if it wasn’t it is now.

  • Chris

    What if the whole thing with Jeff Hardy is a storyline to get TNA press? It is Bischoff after all. If Hardy is coming back as a face what better way than to completely tear him down while he’s at his lowest like they did on Impact…and then bring him back for a comeback story

  • T1918

    The morale is down?
    Then what pisses me off is when Eric Bischoff goes.
    & then the supposed “ratings” match lasts… a couple of minutes?
    Take him & Hogan off of TV… & put them on a mediumish creative role P:?


    they put to much time and effort into jeff hardy, they should have given his heel turn and championship run to someone who would have appreciated it.

  • Gary

    to be honest, jeff doing a face turn might help him, but it rly depends on HIM