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More Interesting Details on Mike Adamle’s Recent Arrest

– More details are coming out about former WWE announcer Mike Adamle’s recent DUI arrest. According to the police report, Adamle danced in the street and did a head stand after police in Evanston, Illinois pulled him over on January 10th for disobeying a red-flashing traffic signal.

The report says Adamle voluntarily started dancing in the street and did a head stand before he was ordered to take a field sobriety test, which he failed. Adamle did pass a breathalyzer test that he took at the police station later on. The arresting office noted that Adamle’s eyes were glossy and blood shot and he had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath.

While in police custody, police say Adamle was acting erratic and doing things like grinding his teeth, acting “extremely jittery” and rubbing his nose. Police suspected Adamle was under the influence of something other than alcohol. Adamle told the cops he had not taken any kind of drugs including prescriptions. However, Adamle allegedly told a DUI drug investigator that he was taking Lomictal for his seizures.

Adamle told police he was returning home from work and only had one glass of wine about two hours before being stopped. Adamle is disputing the charger because his BAC was 0.044, below the Illinois legal limit of 0.08. Adamle is due in court on February 14th on charges of DUI.

  • ejjigga

    I guess that glass of wine was Jamacin’ him crazy.

  • jay

    He was just doing an adamle original

  • MARK

    Lmao @ booger sugar

  • Ashlee schaffer bmw

    Sounds like he was under the influence of booger sugar…

  • Snark Mark

    Weird. Sounds like he must have been mixing meds or something. 0.044 is consistent with a glass of wine.