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- Linda McMahon is receiving more negative publicity with the election drawing closer. Here’s an article talking about Linda’s dead wrestler problem, and here’s a commercial produced by the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee, the tagline being “Mothers Against McMahon”:

- USA was on top of the cable ratings race again with a 2.1 rating to 1.8 for ESPN & TNT. With Monday Night Football starting next week, expect ESPN to take the lead here. SyFy was in twenty-second place with a 0.8, while Spike TV was twenty-fifth with 0.6.

- Raw’s two hours ranked sixth & seventh this week, behind The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles, Jersey Shore, Covert Affairs and NASCAR racing in Atlanta. It was fourth & seventh in the 18-49 demographic, but didn’t rank in the 18-34 demographic.

- OVW announced a working agreement with Ring of Honor at their show last night, which is no surprise because Jim Cornette is now an on-air authority figure with both groups.

  • Joe

    Just because the company “encourages” roid use doesn’t mean the wrestlers should. Just means they need to change up their workout routine and keep their muscles guessing and actually take care of themselves instead of thinking they will live long and have a great career because they were “pushed” to roid it up. If it was me “will never be, and I know that” I would choose to work for ROH rather than WWE or TNA. ROH seems to know how to handle their wrestlers and keep them safer than the bigger industries. Just like wrestlers dying, yes WWE should step in and stop the pain killer use but they can’t baby sit these people forever. Andrew Martin, Umaga, and the list goes on. If people are going to blame the WWE for them over dosing on pain killers and shit because they got injured so much while in the ring, why not blame loved ones who should have seen something going on. Never do you hear that, stop blaming the WWE for ALL the deaths and how bout the people who are dying take the wrap. I don’t think Linda should be elected but if it happens oh well. We’ve had worse in office before and it sure as heck wouldn’t be the last.

  • Zach


  • effmenow

    Whoever edited that video…..


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