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More on Awesome Kong & WWE, Where Is WWE Star Joey Mercury Now?

– As noted before, Awesome Kong was arrested in Florida a few weeks back for driving with a revoked license. Sources report that her arrest was no problem with WWE and that her deal with the company was finalized on Wednesday of this week.

– WWE Superstar Joey Mercury, who was last seen as a member of the Straight Edge Society on SmackDown before getting injured, is now working as a trainer at WWE’s developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling.

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  • Lynn Angela Pisco

    Having Awesome Kong to become Vicki Guerreo’s formal bodyguard, wouldn’t fit the team actually . The reason is because she’s powerful female athlete and she got something that no one else wouldn’t dare to stepped up onto the plate to even dare challenge against her while entering the ring and u don’t want to mess with her at all . So for those women in the entire WWE itself, just becareful on what to wish for or else u might wanted to issue yourselves a ” life insurance policy ” at a near by hospital just incase anything else happens to each and every one of you ladies here on Friday night’s Smack Down or perhaps maybe Monday night’s Raw cause Awesome Kong will put yourselves at a near by hospital when she ” unleashed ” her wrath .

  • the great gali

    kong & mark henry team up

  • the great gali

    queen kong may sound good. lol
    probably feud with the glamazon!

  • DA 420 KING


  • Trixie


    “Kong” is a name of a dog toy brand, so I highly doubt WWE could trademark that name if they give it to her.

    Just saying.

  • Ant

    Has anyone thought that WWE might send her to FCW instead?

  • Dwayne


  • Danarchy

    I think Vickie will say enough of the fat jokes i’ve got someone to deal with you, Kong will come out and destroy everyone (male and female) and be Vickies personal bodyguard!!!!!!!

  • David

    …Fantastic Rafiki?


    @ Wrestling is Real… I’m with ya on the Kong killing Laycool bandwagon! Hopefully she will finally be the one to rid WWE fans of these 2 pieces of crap especially Taker’s dumba$$ wife

  • someone

    EvilDoink: Maybe Godzilla =P

  • nnla

    So since the guy can’t stay healthy and seems to get injured when in the WWE ring they make him a trainer? I guess that works. And the only difference between Kong and Vickie, Kong can run through ALL the divas and the only two I would say Kong would have a great feud with would be Beth Phoenix and Gail Kim. But Phoenix and Kong would be like ‘Show and Nash’ and ‘Show and Kane’. Two big (literally and figuratively) people going at it. But would still attract many different women to viewing the program again. As long as it’s done right.

  • I really hope she comes in and destroys everyone and they use it as a way to push Gail Kim, by having her be the only one that knows how to beat her.

  • fh

    @ !?:

    I think they will give her something they can trademark. I’m not a specialist in such stuff, but I doubt that the word “Kong” can be trademarked. (If it isn’t already by someone else.)

  • wrestling is real life is fake

    would love seeing kong kill laycool

  • !?

    I think that they should just shorten her name to simply “KONG” they don’t need anything fancy and her mere presence and athletic ability will get her over IMO, she doesn’t need a snazzy name like “Seth Rollins.” I will mark out if she faces Gail Kim (even if the match is bad lol.)

  • centerman

    They’ll name here something like Shaniqua Kong,(you know why) have her be a monster heel for a little while then she’ll job to Michelle McCool, loose all credibility as a force to be reckoned with, and finally get her release from the WWE because they couldn’t come up with any fresh ideas for her.

  • Vinny

    goes to show you the last time I watched smackdown on a regular basis. I last seen J Mercury when he was a tag team with Morrison LoL

  • fh

    Yes, I also think they hired Kong to finally get McCool over. Seriously, if Awesome Kong can’t put McCool over, nobody can.

  • Wrestling Guru#1

    her name shall be……..wait for it………Kong Awesomeson!!

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    C’mon guys we all know what’s going to happen. They’re gonna job Kong out to Undertaker’s ho of a wife.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    C’mon guys we all know what’s going to happen. They’re gonna job Kong out to Taker’s ho of a wife

  • Evil Doink

    I wonder what her name is going to be. They’ll probably shorten it to just ‘Kong’, or something worse.

  • JD

    i cannot wait for the fat jokes a la Vickie Guerrero…

  • me

    just bring on the Kong let that smashing of useless hacks begin if she is used right and i do mean if this should be Awesome