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– John Cena vs. Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton is advertised for the November 22nd Monday Night RAW from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

– There is major concern within WWE right now about the lack of talent depth, due to all the injuries and talents that have left or are leaving. The feeling is that the roster, overall, may be the weakest it has been in years and they need to really get new guys over more than ever.

– CM Punk will be having surgery on a torn tendon in either his hip or buttocks. Punk is scheduled to have it operated on any day now and there is no time table on when he will be back. Punk is still possible for WrestleMania but they won’t know for sure until after the operation. WWE had plans for a program between Punk and United States Champion Daniel Bryan.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • Shawn Bell

    … In a ladder match.

  • Shawn Bell

    WWE sucks now!!! If they want a rise in the money and talent stocks, the might want to consider this: Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. John Cena vs. Big Show vs. Edge vs. Wade Barret for the WWE Champinship.

  • Jeremy

    What an awesome main event this is going to be!!! I’m attending this taping in Orlando, Fl and I can hardly wait!!! As for the roster current raw roster, it is deeply hurting right now. Creative doesn’t even know what to do with guys like Evan Bourne, Dibiase, Truth, Morrison etc etc. The creative team is more worried about this stupid guest host crap when they should be utilizing under-used and underrated talent. It’s a shame:(

  • Radar

    Barret might be as obnoxious as Rick Rude but unlike Rude he doesen’t have any real personality. I honestly can’t see anyone looking back 20 yrs from now on Wades career.

  • karlos

    I love what their doing with nexus and wade barret especially…im an old school wwf guy and I love to see a dominating heel actually being dominant for the most part the guys is as obnoxious as rick rude and thats what makes him a great heel cos he gets the crowd really pissed off…i havent seen anyone generate that much heat in a long time…your nexus ior against us!

  • Greg

    WWE has all the talent in the world its just who ever is writing there stories seems to refuse to legitimately build anyone up, instead they just shove ppl like john cena down out throats until we have no choice, but then TNA came along and if WWE isnt careful TNA might just rise up in the next year or so and start another real monday night war.

  • scooter

    @me also jericho was leaving soon which probably played a part in it

  • me

    oh and yes as the other guy said they gave up on bourne because jericho was getting cheered over him in matches (duh, jericho is a legend, and people don’t feel someone like bourne has the right to be beating a legend like him, it’s not that they don’t like bourne, it’s that people like jericho have alot of respect from smart fans)

    but the idiots that wwe are will see Y2J chants vs a face bourne and immediatly think it means bourne isn’t over, no, it means people are smart enough to see past someone being a heel and cheer them because they are a true legend (unlike people like cena, who will never be legends)

  • RAMSES 2


  • me

    buttercastle, how can you say dibiase isn’t doing bad, the guys on a losing streak almost as bad as ryder (and by the way, i hate dibiase and think he deserves to be used as a jobber like he is being) cody on the other hand has some in ring talent and is way better on the mic than when he debuted or even when he was in legacy, guy has a shot, needs some kneepads though.

    dibiase though? guys a joke.

  • me

    buttocks is the correct term for your ass cheeks, how uneducated can you be to not know that? hence the term “butt” which is short for buttocks, damn dude, just damn,…

  • me

    they have failed to push (recently) swagger, sheamus, kofi, drew and a multitude of others to the main event, because they’re idiots and they give up too easily, sheamus and swagger were getting over, it all takes time, look at people like jericho and edge, legends today, when they first started out, nobody cared about them, all they cared about were austin and rock etc.

  • The Truth

    “CM Punk will be having surgery on a torn tendon in either his hip or buttocks.”

    Why would they say buttocks? didnt even no that it was a real word.

  • Dodge

    Golddust is a better wrestler than most give credit for. He has always been under utillized in the wwe and deserves a big push for all of his endeavors to the company. Or at least to be used regularly instead of just a jobber like most of his career.

  • Buttercastle

    @!? DiBiase and Rhodes aren’t doing too bad these days, although Dibiase could use a better feud than with Goldust

  • Ronald

    They need to bring back that Battle Royal that they did when Jesse Ventura was Guest Host. You know, the one he and McMahon commentated on where Sheamus won and went on to face Cena. Sheamus is over with the crowd and definitely a main event talent. This time, it would be nice to see a face win, since WWE doesn’t really have an up and coming face.

  • scooter

    yeah I soooo want to see Nash come back and call out taker………. wait a minute

  • !?

    It is WWE’s fault for goodness sake, have you people seen the way these new guys have been booked? I am no booker, nor do I have any pro wrestling business knowledge, but common sense normally prevails over stupidity or so I thought. Coming out of 2009 you where guaranted three main eventers in CM Punk, Matt Hardy and John Morrison on Smackdown. They had two prospects in DiBiase and Rhodes but happened? They got buried by Orton. Sheamus super push did nothing and they quit Evan Bourne’s push because he got booed. No emotionally involved storyline (key to getting a wrestler over) and no solid matches = weak roster.

  • Wes

    they dont need new guys they need to bring some of the legends back!

  • scooter

    two words: crap promos

  • In Grind We Crust

    two words: john morrison. [2]

  • RKO_montser

    hell yes!! like from his theme music lol. “too much wasting time” lol

  • Zach D

    I agree Mikeed. Morrison really needs a big push and he should win money in the bank and become world champion. That would be a good start.

  • mikeed8986

    two words: john morrison.

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